Country attribute view

One can try
Africa as .5
India as 1
Europe as 2
Americas as 3 or 4
China as 3 or 81
Islands as 5
Skillful positions as 4
Individuals as 7
Southeast Asia as 8
Australia as 9
Middle East as 10

*follow essentials for this meditation.
Example for order throughout extra creativity. They can shift or change.
30 body heath
60 body technology
100 maintenance of present technology
120 adventuring in science

Those numbers are a little liberal but to be a little conservative, while minority care is at the spotlight we should be attracted to having native Americans ruling the government by the government population being about 2/3s as a returning ratio or as an exact goal for the overall combination of north, central, and South America. This is of course a gift option and a gift that can be for essential mind order of successful completions of history. It’s also fine as just a trend option being more and more extra by the ancient tuning maintenance if the ancient natives aren’t very attracted. For another future step in the world we should understand of course, that the world can become holy now and we don’t need any wars in the future; wars are illegal to divine law and disgusting to your true nature wether one is, by failure and also unreasonability, tested as life is defined or undefined. I already know very deeply the science of existing philosophy. No questions of oppositions to the essentials are enough to choose ignorance that prevents knowing to prevent attraction to sin and none are enough to choose arrogance that is really the same.

Australia and such is shaka’n like Stacy Peralta.


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For strategies for good times for all of the future.image

A clear mind is so important for the experiences of superconsciousness.
And the mind is super pitted in the same reality as the body. The strong physique enriched with simple intense emotion is key and very natural. And organic because it is okay to know your resets even reconstructions by retune times as well as your integrations to your lifestyle from your environment or of course your metaphysical gear of type of bank balance.


Maybe everyone could stay rich by understanding love’s times, that can be noticeably unusually intense in nice variability whether by time intensity or whatever description, are maybe what can helpfully be called esoteric by love’s expectation to be possibly confusing and/or costly

I think the mental element of forgetting can be inner-alchemy, new coordination also optimistic meditation or meditation illuminating most essential lifestyle, or a combination of them both like the 81 scales with its depths and side by side allowance maybe teaching imaginary synchronicity with water cycle nature and the types of survival water catcher emptying schedules. That’s a creative one for me. Like one that 81 different lifestyle scales that have their units each aligned fitting the best times of nature and the cherished primitive lifestyle ways.