Country attribute view

One can try
Africa as .5
India as 1
Europe as 2
Americas as 3 or 4
China as 3 or 81
Islands as 5
Skillful positions as 4
Individuals as 7
Southeast Asia as 8
Australia as 9
Middle East as 10

*follow essentials for this meditation.
Example for order throughout extra creativity. They can shift or change.
30 body heath
60 body technology
100 maintenance of present technology
120 adventuring in science

Those numbers are a little liberal but to be a little conservative, while minority care is at the spotlight we should be attracted to having native Americans ruling the government by the government population being about 2/3s as a returning ratio or as an exact goal for the overall combination of north, central, and South America. This is of course a gift option and a gift that can be for essential mind order of successful completions of history. It’s also fine as just a trend option being more and more extra by the ancient tuning maintenance if the ancient natives aren’t very attracted. For another future step in the world we should understand of course, that the world can become holy now and we don’t need any wars in the future; wars are illegal to divine law and disgusting to your true nature wether one is, by failure and also unreasonability, tested as life is defined or undefined. I already know very deeply the science of existing philosophy. No questions of oppositions to the essentials are enough to choose ignorance that prevents knowing to prevent attraction to sin and none are enough to choose arrogance that is really the same.

Australia and such is shaka’n like Stacy Peralta.


image image

For strategies for good times for all of the future.image

A clear mind is so important for the experiences of superconsciousness.
And the mind is super pitted in the same reality as the body. The strong physique enriched with simple intense emotion is key and very natural. And organic because it is okay to know your resets even reconstructions by retune times as well as your integrations to your lifestyle from your environment or of course your metaphysical gear of type of bank balance.


Maybe everyone could stay rich by understanding love’s times, that can be noticeably unusually intense in nice variability whether by time intensity or whatever description, are maybe what can helpfully be called esoteric by love’s expectation to be possibly confusing and/or costly

I think the mental element of forgetting can be inner-alchemy, new coordination also optimistic meditation or meditation illuminating most essential lifestyle, or a combination of them both like the 81 scales with its depths and side by side allowance maybe teaching imaginary synchronicity with water cycle nature and the types of survival water catcher emptying schedules. That’s a creative one for me. Like one that 81 different lifestyle scales that have their units each aligned fitting the best times of nature and the cherished primitive lifestyle ways.

3000000 years ago humans were vegan. The urgent issues they failed to obey ruined themselves when they betrayed health becoming an animal eater sickness patient.
Don’t doubt vegan is essential for health. Just be reasonable about electromagnetic trauma with common sense and as far as logic must go for the unavoidability of electromagnetic fusion and illumination that you can decide correctly about through being reasonable. Plus there is the hope of the animal/its family/ vegans/considerably significant part of non vegans/ the environment sustainability/ diseases brought and caused by eating adding them to yourself when eating. I could see these things with superhuman awareness when I was young. It is a fact so understand it is a fact when it is illuminated in consciousness and as believing in that can be like a lifestyle or filling the mindfulness the perfect perspective is also important so be sensitive to your emotions and structure fragility and it’s limits
Since then there has apparently trading worldwide Hubbard in Egypt for grain, on the Silk Road which should be called the vegan Silk Road because vegan is the lifestyle the universal demanding law intends (pain is the anti universe energy) what is known as pain is supposed to have a edits to its software and hardware because one should experience the intense supreme emotion that they do not know or intimidate with humans are far too unhealthy, and in the Philippines I like Japanese as the new trainers in my story the Yin interchanging Yang couple Japan and Philippines and even the gentle overcomes the rough.
There are the opposite land masses (Pan Africa and Pan Europe with Russia) by their human body attributes.

500 bc ish the stars were Greece India and China; the universal language to me was mystically guided by nonhuman consciousness and the philosophers in my story, check out one mind method for yoga for more and the circle significance 360 relevance post is complimenting intelligence on the study people can begin.

Later and it is as now. The focus is on abrahamic faiths namely Im interested in the new ones Muslims and Christians, then there is the focus on Hinduism as they produced new Rishi Order then there is Dalai Lama which I like the idea of him being in Ancient India area for the following up of the core philosophical age of before that we now know illuminated the 90 degree triangle not necessarily 1/4th or exactly in the countries, but I also think imagining the Dalai Lama teaching in Mongolia or another mystical teacher there that is well known like I have heard about.

And check out this idea
There is another triangle I like which is cool because they are known to measure things while measuring more of the environment as well.
This triangle I like at the same time is about a theoretical 60 degree triangle in the general Mid West area Sometimes silver is worth more than gold y’all, Uyghurs area, and Antarctica.

I hope that brings fun magic carpet alignments.

Also I thought it’d be cool to do the somewhat golden ratio of the amount of people on earth. As 81 is the number I like to help with of course, when 8000000000 is divided by that you get a cool lookin number y’all.

Worldwide hub*
An edit*
Intimate with*
and in the Philippines. I like Japanese as the new traders*

Sorry that was weird I don’t know why those all were switched into different words. Hahaha

Anyway one thing I think happened to us over a long time is that the structure of the body lapsed and grew over the ring finger to prevent it from goin up y’all. It is the first 666 and is the obvious nine that is also on the way to the second 666 that started at 9 when it had 3 more fingers to get to 666 which is 18. The first 666 can come from diagonal growth stemming from the palm going hundreds tens ones. The second one is like that but is more like counting from the clusters on the 81 scales when counting the value of 10000 so that would be very smooth to figure out. In china we know six sounds like smooth and I read that, it would make sense to people when you clarify depth of conceptually or maybe even complexity if you’re working on something liberal (extra) especially if they have been practicing philosophy as I’ve understood by my general intuition reception, that yin could be helpful to understand it as even numbers and that darkness or structure could be like that. In Kaballah the mind thing carrier is created, so that is quite a structure that can be filtered.

There can be multiple ways so here is one. Let the first three finger touches be not the deeper hidden way to bless the intimate things in life but the shallow easy safe way to. Be blessed so bless. Understand that the first 666 could be understood as the three fingers pointed away from palm can be three concept places and when three in one of the three forms of different types of three fingers are illuminated then that is a type of example/problem of three loaded of the conceptual three available as that thumb touches one. So know the amount of fingers that are past the touching two are the amount of place holders.

Another way to get to 666 before that is to count all on the fingers that are past the index and the thumb touching. Now you have the three conceptual places from the three fingers. Then you have three from each place holder. Close medium than far finger segments.

This is in sync with the riddle in revelation book so. Figure what you find liberally as it is in the world as sensitive intelligence sensitive to your things but it’s your interest for your pleasure. If you work alone have fun laughing. I’m Jjoowwking. Anyway be nice what is the opposite of wisdom when it is not reasonable as a skill or any concept extra then it is sin and hate and evil of course.

So another thing like this is that for your sensitiveness is the reality that the Tao Te Ching looks like it is in harmony so you could work on it with some taoists and 666ers.

The verse 40 and 41 and 42 in Tao te Ching are pretty nice because they explain the wholesomeness the gift and the giver of the last forty things in a way. We’ll receive Gods blessings together.
And I’d recommend some meditation if that time works for you after. Thinking about the natural organic/cyclic nature of the forms and interconnectedness of life. The blocks and the planes they absorb. A little like those little photons they’re talking about for the 1/137 idea in quantum physics. Which is like 81 scales made of wooden bowls and hard spongy balance beams.

Have fun

If your mind is empty then you’ve sanded the intellect chisels in your components that you can use to chisel off the ice on the outer aura to let your rich emotion be goood

A nice story is like 40 Muslims sitting at a table and having 40 Christians each giving 5 grains of rice to each Muslim.

And all join rishi order. Lol. 3 27 54 81 108
Christian Muslim Hindu Taoist Hindu.

One could see the mid west as opposites and the mid east as opposites. Mongolia and Egypt as opposites. Silver and Gold. Silver and Gold. And I noticed maybe the Israel India Mongolia triangle could be followed by Xinjiang Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

This video gives a strong study cubical you might say. No matter what family you are from.

Mahayana Theravada but Mahayana so become body oriented like Theravadas perfect body parts and stay heavenly simple like Mahayana.

Swavaba swabava is the self and is what is given away in the practice of being a sustainable giver/radiator/projector for the self and atman is like the health you do about for good as selflessness is instead health by doing good. The Buddhists taught emptiness of even self so that we could say things in that momentous way without thinking we lost what we thought we had really earned for the future. The receptive ability should be a thing at least that had happened somewhat after beginning a task om mani padme hum on a mission jewel in the lotus.

Notice Buddhism and Taoism. Which do you think is the giver and which do you think is the receiver? There is a cyclicness to normal life that involves organic thinking as well as body physique sustaining so you can know that you’d be accurate where you decided to be for the measurement calculation.
Think of these key things Ram Bahadur Bomjon in Nepal, Jet Li in Shaolin, and yes even Jet Li doing tai chi master peacefully. Then think of this. How much are you tuned for the future of which you are aligned with and will know you deserve to finesse once the time, ness, and place have arrived? And how much have you prepared and even begin somewhat on the way to the main new life experience that you can even do a pooja at before you severely begin to age there?, so what would that knowledge give you understanding about for East China and future sources? Also what did you learn again? Which root religion looks like a linear 144 and which religion looks like 100 and why would spontaneously which would look like 108 by a well known process and which would look like 108 by a look alike; like a black grip or a red beat.