Crying after yoga


Hi All! :slight_smile:

I just finished my practise for today, it was a hip opening class, but I felt something weird happened at the end of this class just as I was honoring myself, to have clear loving words, thoughts and a heart, during Savasana I got a little teary eyed, infact it was like a little cry, not of sadness, but from being over whelmed, like so much filled me in that moment that I cried and i could not understand why, I was hoping if some lovely person could explain why this happend? Although I did love this feeling :slight_smile: It was a mixture of feelings, but mostly positive ones.

I read somewhere that we store emotions in our hips, and whilst I have recently had a moment of sadness, it didnt feel like sadness being released, more like, gratitude and it’s gunna be okay.



Emotions are meant to be dealt with when they present themselves. When they are not addressed or are addressed but not fully, then they must be written (stored) somewhere. And that somewhere is the body. In this way the body is the diary of your life.

That which is superficial in nature is stored superficially - on the surface, in striated muscle. That which is deeper is stored more deeply, in smooth muscle closer to the hub of the nervous system.

Sounds like you’ve had a release of one sort or degree or another. It’s lovely but it’s not necessarily the “desired result” or purpose, nor is it to be avoided. Point? Neither cling to it or the desire to repeat it, nor shun it and avoid it. It’s simply a thing, an experience, and today a new day.


Sincere yoga practice will keep on giving such glimpses so be open to it and surrender totally. Never have expectations , just experience these things as they come…


I’ve nearly 18 months of vinyasa practice behind me, and I’ve experienced this three times, the most recent just this morning.

I’ve noticed:

  1. The flood of emotions does make me cry, maybe a silent sob, and pretty powerful.
  2. No apparent emotional triggers – not particularly sad, depressed, anxious, joyous, etc. It just comes.
  3. Has always occurred very near the end of practice, just as you experienced, both while in Swastikasansa and this morning while finishing off class in Pachimattanasana.
  4. In all three cases, whatever muscle groups were active were released slightly – I noticed an immediate opening of the hips or hamstrings during that emotional release.
  5. Blood sugar readings right after class (I’m type I diabetic) were on the low side. I do notice in other non-yogic circumstances I’ve had very similar emotional releases like this when I go low. Indeed, some of my best feelings I’ve ever experienced during yoga practice were when I went low…which I afterwards discount.

Since my first experience I’ve been completely opened up to the idea that we may store these feelings in our bodies. I struggled to follow this idea until it happened to me, and today I accept that it’s possible. I love the notion of neither clinging to it nor desiring to repeat it. It seemed to be the result of the practice and I shall try to take it in and just move forward.


go back! it was a good yoga class!


go back! it was a good yoga class!


What a beautiful response. Sounds like you're connected with your body and heart and the class you attended helped to access it even more. Yes indeed we hold our emotions in our hips. The magic of yoga is in trusting the process and as you experienced: the gratitude and confidence that everything'll be ok:-)


Never knowing all this...learnt from your pose.