Cults In Yoga - Siddha / Brahma Kumaris / Sahaja Yoga, etc (often non physical Yoga)


I watched Wild Wild Country and remember the cult being in Vancouver Canada 1980's. I worked in publishing and did some lay-out work for their newsletter. They use hot women dressed in red silk to get young men with money to join. Wearing red clothes and wooden beads wasn't my thing, I would roll my eyes when I'd see them hippy guys all in red. But wow the women in red silk, what a lure.

When I lived in England early '70s Hara Krishna was on the go and saw friends get heavy into that.


It is a powerful thing to commit to a dream, an ideal.


Brahma Kumaris are know for breaking up families. There cult practices say that end of the world coming soon, give your money to us we will make good use of your money. Their followers are mostly hypnotized. Beware of this Indian cult . They make use of foreigners for free publicity, Showing that even foreigners are part of our organisation.