Dangers of kundalini awakening


I am Nischay Jain, 18 yrs old.
I went through the kundalini awakening 2 years back when I was 16 years old.
It lasted for a month or two, and the after effects have turned my life upside down, not in a pleasant way at all.
The awakening ended very suddenly, for no external reason at all. All my chakras, starting with the heart chakra, went on low suddenly. It was like terrible depression without reason. It has turned my life into chaos, and I can only think of getting back to where I was(the awakened state).I spent 1 year thinking of I had done something wrong or pissed off the gods or something. ( I didn't know it was called kundalini or know about chakras). I lost all balance in life and created havoc as I had a lot of commitment with my studies.
I went into mental traps trying to figure out what went wrong and what I had to do next.
As all my chakras went on a full low, I couldn't do basic things in life properly. I was scared of going to my room without light.
I lost all my friends, everyone veear to me barely talk to me anymore.
I tried explaining what had happened to me but nobody believed. My psychiatrist thinks this is all in my head ( I can agree, but I don't know ) .
And I see in everyday life the need for all my chakras to be aligned and live an alternate reality.

I was already a very skinny kid. I lost a lot more weight, start crying if somebody shouts at me, feel like my body is disintegrating.
I have a little hearing loss all of a sudden, I have glasses now.
It's been 2 years. I can't get over it.
I can't help myself, nor do I know where to go for help.
It took a lot of effort to tell people what I went through and have them deny it for you.

I need someone to communicate with for at least a short time.

If there's any way you think you can help me, please contact me.


Hey Nischay,
Depression sucks and its true and its also true that its all in your head.
But believe me i ve been through it myself the root cause is that believing that there is no cure for it, You should believe that there is a cure for everything in this universe because the ailments too occur in the same universe :slight_smile: rather than focusing on how it happend and what happend..

Its best to take one day at a time and make small changes in your actions with a little bit of effort.

For eg : you say that there is little fear that has crept in and this is a byproduct of depression. So, write down a few habits that affect you and how to change them.

Psychiatrists and Cognitive Behavioural therapy etc help you a lot. Do not give up on them and trust these professionals completely. Just popping in pills will not work. Do the exercises they mention you to however difficult it may seem to you currently and however much your mind resists them. ( this is also the cause for endless cycle, you ve got to break one thinking pattern, one habit at a time.. there is light i tell you)

Yoga will definitely help along with the above to get your chakras in flow again and many masters here in this forum will help you with them i believe but you got to see this as pyscho-somatic i.e mind and body changes need to happen. just flexing an asana will not help much if your thoughts are not balanced. Do not ever think that there is a dead end, because there is not..


Awakening Kundalini means to awake the dormant Sacred Serpent within us, a legacy that Humans inherit from Enki, his Creator God and Father. It is only under the protection of Enki that any humans can rise their Kundalini without disastrous effects.

Have you noticed the well-known symbol of Medicine, the Caduceus, which has two snakes entwining a pole, spiralling upwards and finally facing each other at the top? It is actually the symbol of Kundalini, the two snakes representing Ida and Pingala, which merges into one when both of them rises to the 6th chakra. If you would like to know more, I invite you to read this post: http://www.loveenki.com/enki_gb/842/