Dating / Finding Friends who are into Yoga Life Style

Out of all the friends I have I am the only one who is into Yoga, Vegetarian and a Zen life style. After about 9 months into this new way of living I am finding that the fact I do not know any one else who shares the same beliefs as me is leading me to get back to my previous life style.

Saw some dating sites that market to people who are into Yoga but looks like all of them are fakes. I am not looking for a date per say but a good friend who can motivate me and I can motivate who shares the same beliefs.

Any advice on how to go about finding one.

If you want to meet art lovers, hang out at art galleries. If you want to meet yogis, find out where they gather and join in. Traditional (not hot/modern) yoga studios, vegetarian restaurants, folk festivals/concerts, funky recycled clothing stores, natural food stores, etc. The yoga studio will be a great one because they will host workshops and get togethers. On line Internet meetups are not the best.

While hanging with your “peers” can be great, diversity can be equally great. I’ve learned many wonderful life lessons from those who do not share my beliefs or lifestyle. Equal importance to each is the key. Balance.

Another dimension we seem to be missing is that yoga works on very physical to very subtle planes. Heard of serendipity? Without ‘looking for’ it, ‘intensely and achingly long’ for a yoga friend. Be surprised.

After all yoga is ‘union’ in so many ways.

The best place for finding a person into yoga - is at another yoga studio!

Maybe looks for a singles night, they have such things in the city where I live. Check your newspaper.

Hello Jay,

When we make choices to change or transform ourselves there is often a slithering out of one skin as we wiggle our way forward. Leaving behind some old things that are not prepared to or able to grow with us is often a byproduct.

This process takes time and can be as uncomfortable as stretching tight hamstrings. Nine months is not very long so I would first and foremost advocate the fifth requirement of a student of Yoga; patience.

Having “community” is incredibly valuable when it does not lead to a sheltered, myopic existence. Being around like-minded people is supportive and empowering, not to mention occasionally inspirational. It is incredibly easy to be drawn into old dynamics.

It is very likely that maintaining your practice will increase your self-awareness AND that the increase there will begin to draw some things toward you while making it difficult for others things to be in the space of your light. This too, while not “normal” is very, very common. A thing in balance tends to move toward balance while a thing out of balance tends to move out of balance.

Stay in balance my friend.


Become a yoga teacher then… Approach the student you want to date… then adjust the hell out of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, but seriously… To quote pattabhi jois “practice, all is coming” I have also read from other yogis that if you stay true to yourself and your practice and you start to feel it change you… fortunate accident do happen, serendipity :slight_smile: like sahas tambe has said.

I also recommend , I used it before only to find hiking,climbing,canyoneering friends. They are not yogis, but most are like minded and obviously open to meeting new people. Then invite them to yoga!

I am usually shy guy… But I spend so much time in yoga studio seeing the same faces so naturally you become friends.

Thanks for all the pointers. The seem to be a good one.

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