David Sticher, Jay Sticher are Racist, PS 102 Bayview School

Be aware of amateur yoga David Sticher and his racist son Jay Sticher. Weeks ago, they yelled "sand n-word" at me. Jay Sticher pulled my hijab. They began screaming about how Hamas harmed the Palestine, and other racist things. I am a small Muslim woman. Jay Sticher attends PS 102 in Brooklyn NY, also known as the Bayview School (211 72nd Street, Brooklyn, NY). He goes to school at about 8:15 AM.

David Sticher, a racist, resides at 6804 Madeline Court, Brooklyn. He has a wife, a son and daughter. They also screamed "hok guay" which means "sand n-word" in Chinese. David Sticher's wife is Ka Fai (Judy). This is a website recording the incident:

This is a photo of Jay Sticher, a racist: