Dealing with sudden noises?


What could be best ways to deal with sudden noises during meditation? It feels terrible while on verge of good relaxation there’s a sudden loud noise from neighbour or caused by someone living in the same house/apartment. It feels similar as someone spooks you, such a big sudden shock. I’ve tried to use a headset with meditation music but it’s not very effective and i wouldn’t want always wear a headset.


:DD yees… what has been good to me is ,when a sudden sound comes, u become aware of it and tell the mind huh a sound.
If mind already reacted with judgement or perhaps anger, then just be aware of that too. How delightful to see when the mind gets triggered!:smiley: and when i just observe the sound isn’t soon a problem. Hope it helps. Happy meditation!


:)) Thanks for the reply.

Many times my mind can stay sort of settled, at least no anger or frustration, though if these “shock” noises happen more than once it starts to be harder to stay not frustrated. I usually try to tell myself that “there may be sudden noises but it’s okay”. However it feels someway counterproductive to prepare for sudden noises as you have then certain tension to face the noises, more challenging to really relax.

I’m not totally sure how instincts are seen in meditation, but i think it’s the so called fight-or-flight reaction, by passes the conscious mind and the reactions comes from deeper. I know it’s possible to change even the root reactions but it’s just not simple. Perhaps exposuring is the best “numb-er”, way to numb the reactions. My mind is okay to have more training but i’m not sure how health it is to body to have such random shocks, you know, heart jumps into throat figuratively :slight_smile: Hmmm, and is this really about numbing/getting used to or is it about being more aware? Hmm.

Constant noises and not so loud noises i can deal with but these sudden loud noises are such a …challenge.


Hehhe i know what ur saying :smile: hmmm yes to me sounds like you’re getting hella good training there , i wouldn’t know about the health either, actually a good question would have not thought of that! But doesn’t sound so healthy, not so unhealthy either, if u don’t have any hearts conditions!..
Yeees u know, sometimes i get so chocked of some noise i hear, or annoyed depending of the day:D. Butt the chock part ive also been thinking about, I’ve heard of a yogi who was meditating and could know everything that happened around him, he was so aware. So yeaa numbing or becoming more aware? :smiley: good luck to u if u get epiphanies and u remember those tread, do pls tell, would be interesting ^^