Deeeeep breathing with every breath?

I was wondering if deep breathing all day with every breath is ok for the human body. Is there any negative side affects?

Deep yogic breathing for days at a time is a normal goal for yogis, so I think you should be fine. In addition you will probably reap some benefits (karmas).

This process burns fat and dehydrates body try to keep balance . Drink lot of water or else you will face other issues later like dryness , itching , low bp … Due to dehydration .
If you face any issue like headache or pain in neck or tonsil ir gastric give it a break and then drink like warm water in quantity for 3-4 days or till ur not back to normal then continue it as periodic practice (few times in a day not continuous)

Yes there is a risk.
Deep breathing needs to balanced by slowing the rate of inhalation and exhalation.
See linked article for details.

I could be wrong, but everything that makes your body do an effort (intense or not) can be harmful IF you do it too much. Deep breathing sure can help to relieve stress or improve your breathing, but doing it all day ? I think it will have the opposite effect and won't be good for your body.

Hey , if anyone can assist me. Ive been doing breathe control for about 12 months ongoing and it is having negative and stressful effects. The problem i have is a feel unable to stop, causing panic. If anyone has been in this situation, please assist with an advice.

I wanna say that its normal, because you have been breathing with shallow breaths for years, breathing deeply is suppose to slow down the mind and body so the spirit can connect with the mind and body to form "one", there for HELP keep everything inline, however when breathing with shallow breaths, your body lives in a fight for flight "mode" and this causes many emotional health problems.. And most of us live in this state for years, carrying all the negative emotions with us and none healthy ways of filtering/cleaning the emotions. So i'm no doctor but i hope this bit of information helps. <3 Namaste!

Deep breathing and holding the breath for ten seconds then realising for ten seconds can prolong life. As the old yogi's used to do. It's not necessary the age that person goes but the number of breaths he/she is allocated so the great sages say.

Why are you replying to me? I do not understand the context of your intentions. This is all information I am aware of as I have been practicing this for decades. I'll chalk it off to a mistake in the reply button function. Peace and love to all.

Don't take it personally, I was just sharing. Good for you that you've been practising for decades. However the 'I' is still there from your last message. Isn't the whole point to get rid of the haumai? 'i' 'me'? I hope all those decades of practice haven't gone in vain....

Hi Jdmkitty,

You may find this Ted Talk helpful in regards with your question straight from a Yoga champion.