Demons that we do battle with


I need to kick a pot addiction if I’m to go anywhere and anything.
I just know it’s something that turns me into a dope and…
I know that I’d rather get high than do a bunch of boring paper work.
And I know me, I like doing what I do, but lack boundaries and discipline.
But I have ‘demons’ such as addiction, and jealousy and whatever else keeps me from facing whatever.

I guess posting about it is good, as I’m starting to remember why and how.
Why and How was a girl who I let whatever right, use me, don’t want to say it but that’s what happened… And whenever I cared for anyone it just didn’t work out… And I had a lot of fun, so it wasn’t about sex, it was ‘beyond that’ with beautiful women I cared for because, let’s face it I’m shallow and they made my world and I still miss them to this day, but… It was rejection that made me give up being fit, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still love to run and wish I could afford my gym membership and the pot and I like to stretch but I have my demons, don’t know about you, but I surely would like to exercise them.


Sorry to hear that you are struggling with these demons.

Find a job that keeps you busy and engaged (who says you have to do boring paperwork?) - such as working in fast food/restaurant/retail. It's easier to get up and going on a fast-paced and interactive job when you lack motivation.

Fortunately for you, marijuana is not a medically addictive substance - though it can be hard to drop the habit.

I would try meditation flows that engage your heart and throat chakras - your heart is the center of healing and love, while your throat is your center of self-acceptance and belonging. There are some great guided meditations on YouTube, and I can also go through this with you through Skype/Facetime sessions. PM if interested.

Overall, this is an issue that you can overcome. Yoga gets me high. I don't need to turn to marijuana any longer.