Describing the Kundalini experience

Hi. I skimmed through this forum and I see many well meaning and in the journey people. But I would like to ask. Can you describe the actual kundalini awakening experience. I have had it. I can tell you exactly what it is. I knew when I was experiencing it that this was the "ultimate" state of meditation reached. I would like to see if anyone here can join me in this topic before I describe in detail what happens. Please let me know because it's rare to find and in my seeking seems lots of folks like to 'say' they've reached it.

My kundalini awakened during a yoga training classes after about three months of practicing hatha yoga. Previous to that I had no real spiritual practice or education. During the class, I felt my body taken over by powerful flowing energies. I left the room where the class was held and spontaneously moved through a set of yoga postures I did not know. I later found them in a kundalini yoga book. I experienced minor symptoms of physical discomfort and many emotional and spiritual surprises over the next year, including dreams with yogis/spiritual guides, minor sensory synchronicities, overwhelming expansions of consciousness during meditation and in daily life.