Developping the Core for scoliosis


Hello everyone,

I am a long term yoga practicioner, I went through practicing Hata, Ashtanga, Yin for 10+ years and now Iyengar for the last year.

I have a severe scoliosis case, double S at 52° and 34° . So I switched to Iyengar as a rehabilitation for the pain.

I became a Pilates instructor 2 years ago, certified with Balanced Body. The Mat series are very hard for me, but I love using the machine. After few months of interruption due to elbow and triceps tendinitis, and cervical nevralgias, I am back to practicing and taking private machine classes. My teacher who is an amazing pilates master, tells me that I totally lost my Core and that I should stop stretching , hence stop Yoga and focus only on developping my core as she thinks my scoliosis hurts and my shoulder are stiff because I am not strong enough to hold the right posture.

I am in doubt as I feel great after Pilates classes and it's true that I was feeling more stretched but the pain didn't go away after iyengar classes, even "specific cases" classes for scoliosis.

I'd love to hear your stories and opinions about that, if some of you know Pilates and its principles!



In yoga over stretching is not required. So if you are not over stretching (anything too much is bad in this world), you can do yoga.

Core stability is maintained in yoga as well. If you are practicing yoga over 10 years then you must have experienced that you can work on different muscle groups with or without props to get desired results.

You have to be extra careful considering your issue while you practice or teach yoga or Pilates. But for anatomical point of view yoga works better in your issue (Assuming you know how to reduce your issues by specific yoga postures)