Dhanurasana Health Benefits


Dhanurasana is an effective weight loss program. It is a basic posture of Hatha yoga for which the body takes the shape of a Dhanush (bow).

Dhanurasana Benefits

It can strengthen the ankles, chest, abdominal organs, thighs, and spinal cord. The exercise pose is an all-round exercise to total body-opening back-bend. It is a time tested method of losing weight and has been very successful among people who perform Dhanurasana as part of their daily fitness regime. Let us know learn about this pose and how it benefits one. Have a look!

What Is Dhanurasana?

Dhanurasana poses is one of the 12th Hatha yoga poses. It is primarily one of the three main back stretching exercises. It gives the back a great stretch whilst providing flexibility and strength to the back.

Things You Should Know Before You Try Dhanurasana:

You should make sure to keep your stomach and bowel system empty before practicing this asana. Have your meals at least four to six hours before doing the asana in order for your food to get digested. You should have enough energy stored in order to practice the pose.
It is best to practice the bow pose first thing in the morning. But you can try the exercise in the evening, as well, in case you fail to practice in the morning.

Here are the Dhanurasana steps:

Lie flat on your stomach, keeping your feet hip-width apart and your arms beside your body.
Next, gently fold your knees and hold your ankles.
Inhale, and lift your chest and legs off the ground. Pull your legs back.
Maintain a straight posture.
Hold the pose as you concentrate on breathing. Your body should be as taut as a bow.
As you get comfortable in the pose, breathe long and deep.
About 15-20 seconds later, exhale and release the pose.

Dhanurasana for Beginners and Benefits


is one of effective yoga pose which gives the different types of health benefits. If you are performing the Dhanurasana, then you will get the positive health effects. The regular practice of Dhanurasana will help you in maintain your overall health and fitness.

Benefits of performing the Dhanurasana:
• Gives top results for the weight loss
• Helps in improving the digestion.
• Prevent the constipation problem
• Enhance blood circulation
• Best stress buster
• Reduce back pain


Dhanurasana not only creates a health effect, but also stimulates a beautiful irradiation of your body. Look at Dhanurasana as a part of the Yoga Online Exhibition on the beauty of yoga.


Dhanurasana also known as Urdva Chakrasana and Bow Pose. It helps to strengthen the back and the abdominal muscles. It helps to stimulate the reproductive organs.

The main anatomical focus of this Dhanurasana is the spine. The backward extension of the spine is achieved with the back muscles and not by the leverage of the arms.