Diksha Guru & Spiritual Guidance In India


Sat Nam!

I’m going to India on November for an undefined time.

Please, if someone could tell me about:

  • A true Diksha Guru
  • Spiritual guidance

… i would enormously appreciate it.

My email is at the following URL:

Thank you!



I just posted a lengthy reply on this question on the other forum here. It is posted on Q & A with Mukunda topic is gurus. Normally such topics go here but the questioner did not know. Much more details about this can be found by pursuing my 18 Tantra Lessons, which you can get from joining my email list at www.yogatherapycenter.org namaste mukunda


Dear Mukunda, i had already read that reply.

It is my fault: I am asking for contact details of a Diksha Guru or/and places where spiritual guidance may be given, in India.



Initiation is given by all ashrams in India, so the search can be as broad as reading the guidebooks to India such as - Seeking the Master, a Guide to the Ashrams of India by Muz Murray or From here to Nirvana - Yoga Journal Guide to spiritual india by Anne Cushman - or as specific as asking for particular people i know. The only living person I can recommend because I have seen her ability to not only initiate but to provide continuous guide is ammachi in Kerala, South India - www.amma.org There are others around the world but Amma is the only Indian teacher i know of this quality. May your search be blessed. mukunda


I’ve just ordered the two books.
Thank you very much.

Sat Nam!