Do You Drink Tea Befor or After the Yoga Class?


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Yes you can. But better to have a cup of yogi tea.
Yogi tea is one of my favorite medicinal recipes and an effective tonic for whole system. It balance and stabilizes your hormonal systems and clears lingering viruses, bacteria etc. It enhances a kind of glow in the total body. The benefits of yogi tea require pages to describe. Just click the link to know the details.


Hi Eline.Bowen,
First of all, I would like to introduce myself as I am new to this forum. I own a small e-commerce site which is composed of all types of fitness and travel accessories. I have been into this industry for more than fifteen years and according to me the best time to drink detox tea is after the yoga class as it vitalizes the body and boosts your metabolism.
But it also depends human to human or nature of the exercise.

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For me, I have no drink tea before or after . Is there a need to do so ?