Do you eat meat?


Yes,I'm non-vegetarian and practice yoga regularly and consider myself yogi and don't think there is something related between yoga and diet.


I am pretty much vegan for a lot of reasons...but I try not to preach about it.


I'm meat eater but do be vegetarian few day in a month ( religion issues but no related to my yoga practice ) :wink:


As we that meat provide high quality proteins. So getting a balanced diet plan , Meat and poultry should our diet plan such as;

It contains amino acid and complete proteins that create naturally which is benefited as we grow up older.

Meat contains also zinc and iron that are naturally absorbed easily in our body. Getting bone health meat and poultry is essential for our body.

High-quality proteins are vital for muscle building that we got from meat and poultry food.
Meat provides vitamin 12 which helps us for brain development and help us nervous system function properly.

Recent studies show that meat proteins maintain healthy cardiovascular function.


I would like to see those studies. We can get all the protein we need from legumes and grains as well as other vegetables. The B12 can easily be gotten in fortified foods or multiple vitamin.



I rarely eat meat and when I do, it's chicken.


Hi my friend i share with you this information: