Do you eat meat?

I’m curious about how many people are vegan or vegetarian that practice yoga. Or are most of you meat eaters?

I am vegetarian and mostly vegan. The root of practicing yoga is to eradicate our karmic load. To eat another animal is to take on their karmic load. And so the meat negates the profound effects one can achieve from their practice. Simply.

Instead of labeling vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, let’s consider heavy, medium and light food.

It is very natural that person who is seriously engaged into yoga will automatically move towards light food which is more in line with Satvic kind of diet.
In that case automatically non-vegetarian food will be avoided along with vegetarian food which are heavy like cheese or very spicy or starchy foods.

Im vegetarian but don’t mind meat, now with that said i would not eat commercial meat or just because im hungry, if there’s no need there’s no need. For example, My uncle is a hunter and if he invites us for dinner, i wouldn’t turn down wild moose becaus that would be rude.

But mostly, i eat what i feel my body need, which is rarely meat.

Btw, does this make me not a vegetarian?

Nvm F the labels

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I am not against meat-eating, and I believe anyone who is extremely active or their livelihood depends on physical exertion throughout the whole week i would reccommend to eat meat if they have no interest in spirituality. They will have more energy to sustain them throughout the week.

However eating meat increases Rajas and Tamas which unsettles the mind. If you are interested in spiritual practices an over-active mind will be a hindrance to progress further in yoga. Rajas is the active-creative force and Tamas the negative-destructive aspect. The balance between them both is called Sattva, and this helps to keep the mind calm and greatly aids in yoga practise. Therefore yogis have always promoted the consumption of Sattvic foods in general. Anything which disturbs Sattva like coffee for example is also not a help. Swami Sivanada produced a list of the different catagories of foods and their effects in many of his free books online.

There is a video on youtube of Gordon Ramsey who stayed in an ashram for a few days where no meat was served. He has always been anti-vegetarian but had to admit that he began to feel more relaxed not eating meat:

This time last year I went Vegan for 6 months then Vegetarian for another 6 months. Then went back to meat, but my diet is mainly plant base with some meat or fish. I've been into fitness for decades so eat clean, make vegetable juice and smoothies. I like Indian food a lot and buy heat in a bag meals from India, these are vegetarian. I'm not a big eater, it is part of my diet and has been for 65 years. I did work in construction (now retired) and enjoy some weight training.

The ancients including Buddha, ate meat. A lot of the time, it was all that was available. We should avoid meat, not only for the health and Karmic value but, for the good of our environment. Animals farmed in the huge quantities they are at the moment produce masses of methane just so we bloated westerners can go down to McDonalds and ruin our livers.....

Sauti, Since we retired we eat lunch out fairly often, tomorrow we plan this place...
I like to look at menu's before getting to places, I'm thinking local water buffalo with fries (or poutine).

Last Monday we went to a Japanese restaurant...

I had the beef curry don, see photo.....

LOL, I have been a vegetarian ever since I was 12 (I am 60 now) for no other reason than I was a hippie and, ever since, when I have tried meat, it has tasted like death..... Just cant get the hang of it.

I grew up in a Polish family in England so diet was mainly Polish style. We were very poor (parents split up when I was 5) so food was a bit of a luxury especially meat. We emigrated to Canada Nov. '72 after my 20th birthday, I started Yoga in '73 and have practice some veganism over the years.

Today we eat everything vegans/vegetarians eat but also some meat. I see nothing wrong with people being vegan, many friends are.

I have gone to places like McDonald's but it's not a regular habit, when I was working I would prep all my food which was very healthy.

Sauti, if you've been a vegetarian since age 12 and now 60, there's no reason to get the hang of enjoying a cheese burger.

My wife and I did a walk and came across a food stand in a market type place that was Nepalese, the meat used was goat, such as goat curry. I've had Jamaican goat curry and would have liked to try the Nepalese dish. But we was meeting a friend elsewhere for lunch.

My wife told our friend that we were no longer vegan or vegetarian,she asked "so what do you call yourself now", my wife said "we don't call ourselves anything".

Back in 1997 I was inspired by Shaolin monks who ate simple vegan meals. I worked in a Jeep warehouse shipping parts to assembly plants, so lifted heavy stock all the time. I went vegan but in 2 weeks it was painful to lift moderately light stock, so went back to meat and returned to my normal.

So I was a bit apprehensive about doing a 30 day vegan challenge whilst working as a general labourer for a builder. Stayed with it for 6 months or so, retired and worked out with weights, I hit a point where my strength went. I added some fish at first and started to regain strength.

I had read much about vegan bodybuilding and bought books, even several seminars. After fish came eggs the meat, not in huge quantities but mostly when eating out, and this was gradual.

Nowadays it's mixed feelings, when working out I have strong urges for protein in the form of meat, but in a Yoga cycle I eat light. I don't do both at the same time, but have done Yoga almost daily for 2 months then workout for 2, now trying to balance both but it's hard because you get sore and stiff from the weights.

It's like two versions of me trying to gain control, like my yang side and then the yin. yang wants to be more masculine, and yin more soft.

Well, I don't know if I can be considered as a vegetarian. I only eat meat like 1/2 times per month. It has nothing to do with spirituality or an influence of the vegan community : I just don't like it that much, plus I don't feel like I need it.

I tend to agree with this - it's not about strictly not eating meat as a solid rule, just more that my body doesn't crave it / I don't feel like I need it given my current diet. While veganism and vegetarianism are great, I do feel like more common sense could be employed when it comes to judging what your body needs.

I have a steak for lunch 5 days a week (after the gym). Mostly chicken or fish for dinner. I snack on fruit and/or granola, so I keep it pretty healthy. I don't judge people regarding their diets, but the vegan-thing just isn't for me. Middle-aged guy, here. Last physical everything was tip-top!!

After being vegan then vegetarian for a year have opted for the middle way. Basically vegetarian but not pure, and choose not to call myself anything. I haven't gone back to mass meat consumption and use meat and deli alternative.

Light Life simulated turkey deli is actually good tasting and also bought their simulated meatballs, chicken tenders and bacon. We still eat eggs but will also have tofu scramble wraps type of thing.

We have some small pieces of salmon in the freezer and will cook 4 chicken drumstick and thighs and that will be meat for the week.

I has some back-up cans of sardines, supplement with fish oil, creatine and protein powder. Also have multi vitamins, calcium with magnesium and D3, B12 and a probiotic.

We drink goats milk and a back-up of Soy Bev. Have plain yogurt with berries.

Went to Rib-Fest yesterday but not for the ribs and actually had a Beyond Burger at Canadian A&W before.

Tried the soy meatballs, the texture was ok but still had that taste all soy meat has, they just can't hide it. Then later had some oven roasted chicken thigh and drumstick, they was really delicious eating off the bone. I don't think I'll buy simulated meat anymore, it cost more than the real thing and texture and taste isn't very good, some better than others.

I'm 65 and have eaten meat all my life but not in massive quantities. The Beyond Burger is ok but then it's your processed factory food, we normally go for more natural and next time get the real beef burger.

No. The fight between veg and non-veg food is continue about which is better for health. Both have its own importance and rich source of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Veg foods are rich source of antioxidants that protects our body from harmful substances. These antioxidant rich foods are highly nutritious like ginger, dark chocolates and many more. Non-veg foods take lot of energy for its metabolism. I think it is personal choice.

At A&W Canada (a fast food place) they have the pea protein based Beyond Burger a 3oz patty, the whole thing with bun etc is 22g protein, for a few cents more I could have the Uncle Burger which has all the same stuff on it with a 5oz 100% beef patty (hormone and steroid free) and it's 37g protein. For the guy who works out with weights the Uncle Burger is for me.