Do you use video, app, book @ home?


It is not always possible to attend yoga group lesson.
I have small kids so I need to be at home allot.
To receive some input I prefer using an app on my tablet instructing me in 20 minutes sessions.
I’m quite happy with it.

So how do you practice at home?
Do you use an app and if yes which
Or YouTube, book or by heart?



I go to Yoga Studios for my daily practice but also look at YouTube videos, sometimes to follow a Kundalini Krya Meditation after my Studio lessons. My teacher will send the group an email with links to what we practiced.

At home I mainly do Tai Chi Chuan sword and sabre, empty hand forms at the Studio. It's a 2.5k walk to my studio which is nice. Each day is a different type of class with a different teacher. One interesting class is DDP Yoga which is very different and involves much muscle tensing.


I use DVD as like you I can't seem to balance my working life with leisure time so yeah I use DVDs only problem I find is sometimes you buy them and you view them and know straight away that they are an amateur product, I was having a bad time with work stress and depression. Yoga helped me turn my life around I gained real happiness when I achieved the actual goal of yoga, which is optimum physical, mental and spiritual well-being. By practicing yoga as a whole I feel like I'm in touch with my inner self. My sister contacted me yesterday she has been practising Yoga for years she gave me the link to a wellbeing blog about Yoga that I think may benefit some of us here I may purchase what do you guys think click here to go to the Blog


Years ago I did use this VHS


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Spiritual Films

These films are dedicated to the methodology of spiritual development. The director of the films is Vladimir Antonov.

Film for relaxation and meditation:
Meditation with Flame

Films from series "Forest Lectures":
Practical Ecopsychology. Places of Power
Psychical Self-Regulation
Keys to the Secrets of Life. Achievement of Immortality
Art of Being Happy
Spiritual Heart
Bhakti Yoga
Yoga of Jesus Christ
Kriya Yoga
Yoga of Buddhism
Taoist Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Agni Yoga
Laya Yoga
Yoga of Krishna
Yoga of Sathya Sai Baba
Yoga of Pythagoras
Sattva of Mists
Kundalini Yoga
Advaita Yoga



I'm a full-time SAHM as you are. I use video when practicing yoga as well as listening to Yoga Music which always works for me. Finding a quiet place inside your home with your kids is a "little bit difficult". That's why I used Music Nutrition's Sound Of Solace when doing my "yoga time". You can search for some yoga practice videos and choose the sample yoga poses and practices that make you feel comfortable. And try to listen a relaxing and calming music 5-10 mins before you practice to condition your mind and continue listening while practicing.

Here are some of the music that I used to listen too. These music are from Anikiko- Music Nutrition. You can try them, this might work for you as well.


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Yoga is one of those activities anyone can do pretty much anywhere, and that’s especially true when you have an app on your smartphone.

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