Do you visit local studios when traveling?


Hi guys,

I am going on a pretty long business trip (around 3 weeks) to Spain and would like to visit some local studios while there to find some balance. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the subject and how you go about it. I did some online research and have few studios that are on my visit list but I’m still not sure how I should organize it all.

Do you visit local yoga studios while you travel? Do you have any tips on how to go about it? Are all studios traveler-friendly? Do I just walk into a studio and purchase a drop-in pass? Should I contact them first? I am a bit anxious as Spanish is not my first language so there is a small barrier.

Any thoughts or tips?


Hi @GosiaAr welcome to YogaForums :slight_smile:

I have had great experiences travelling and visiting local studios although mostly across Asia, Australia and the US.
I have noticed that each region has a different style and flow. Even east and west coast America had different vibes.

And the language barrier I think just makes things more interesting.

Are all studios traveller friendly? I couldn’t see why not. If they have drop-in pricing then have a go.

Also a nice way to meet locals and ask a few questions about where like minded people might eat dinner, enjoy nightlife or spend a relaxing day.

Good luck, hope you have a successful trip!


Sometimes, but usually just use our accomodation.


Yes, I always visit yoga studio on traveling if I can. :slight_smile: