Does it look stupid to wear harem pants


Hello folks,

I am a tall and slim guy, and I just have one simple question.
Does it look stupid to wear this (see link below) at yoga when everybody wear some standard tracksuit bottom ?

Thanks for your help and honesty,


No it doesn’t! Wear whatever you like and feel good in. Personally, I think harem pants are great for yoga and in general.


Hmm… can’t say I’m personally a fan, but dude… you do you.


Well, I do not agree with that, I think there is not like stupid to wear harem pants. It looks so fancy, The only thing can matter is comfort whatever your wear.


I think harem pants have their time and place. I think a yoga studio is one of those places.


There are giant garbage patches in all our oceans and storms strew trash all over beaches.

Spend your time learning something useful instead of purchasing silly things that have absolutely no utility relative to a simple pair of shorts.


I just wear cargo shorts and t-shirt with sleeves cut off, the blokes here usually wear athletic gear from the sports shop like sports/gym shorts, most young fellows go bare chested.

Harem pants in my opinion look proper daft and I would roll my eyes if I saw a guy in them. same goes for man-buns and tights.


Hi everybody,
Yes, I do think harem pants look out of the norm. I personally think that yoga leggings are better. There is actually a website that has yoga leggings for those interested in reading up on it. If you go here you can find out more