Does yoga wreck your body?


I have practiced yoga now for almost 20 years. Not so much the last years due to Injuries have put me off. I have not been careful enough and thought I could do some fancy postures that I used to be able to make and boom a knee injury entering padmasana. Nowadays I feel like more still practice like Pranayama and meditation. Curious about laughter yoga. Is this practiced in the west or just in India?

This article is kind of old article in NY Times.

Laughter yoga


I was going to Hot Yoga almost everyday and then challenged myself to do 30 days straight. 1/2 an hour before class I would get into the full lotus then do fish, peacock, balance on knees and cobra all in full lotus. I had 8 days to go and the knee tendons between my legs got quite sore which I thought odd, the walking home went to dart across the street and my foot slipped slightly on packed snow and gave me a bad ouchy.

Could barely walk and no Yoga for 3 months. Back into Yoga and can do half lotus so far.

Also started into Kundalini Yoga. No more Hot Yoga but go to a studio with a tented deck outside.

I'll be 67 this Nov 2019 by then hope to be back into full lotus.


Can you explain more why you posted this question, "Does yoga wreck your body?" Of course yoga done carefully doesn't even harm your body slightly, much less "wreck" it. Your post itself doesn't seem to have anything to do with the subject line, though.


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Yoga is not Western or modern asana based in Western fitness and Western exercise physiology. Much of what is being taught as yoga out there today is actually damaging and not asana based in yoga knowledge but only a modern uneducated perspective put onto asana. Hot yoga as thinman writes about above is entirely contraindicated as per yoga's deep knowledge of prana and how everything works
But who knows about this?
real yoga will not wreck your body but Westernized yoga will create all sorts of imbalances in prana due to over exertion and other things simply because it is not known and not taught in a modern yoga paradigm.


Back into full lotus and not doing hot Yoga, this time of year it on the outdoor deck, also do Kundalini Yoga.