Don’t want to show off


I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others in yoga class, but sometimes I do. I notice that I’m more flexible in some poses then others, and can do most of the advance poses easier than others. Sometimes I feel that I’m showing off too much, and I maybe should hold back a little. But at the same time, I’m looking to reach my edge and get deeper in the poses. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?


Hi, YogaTlw!
What you are experiencing is completely normal, especially after doing yoga for a while. As you are becoming stronger and more flexible, you should know that you have earned it, and should NEVER hold back. These things that you are experiencing is only in the mind, and after you have overcome this feeling of showing off, you will be even stronger. You are an inspiration for your yoga friends. So basically, don't let your mind be in the way of your succes..



Adding onto what JoelRox mentioned (agreed 100%), as easy as it is comparing yourself to others, be weary of pushing yourself too far/hard. This is especially easy to do, for example, when attempting to straighten/hyper extend your leg in bird of paradise, like the more advanced practitioner to your right is doing - comparing is part of human nature. It seems as we delve deeper inward, that craving and want-to-compare subsides more and more, as contentment sets in. We just have to be careful to not let that "one time" take us to a level of pain, injury or worse.
As stated, never hold back. Stay connected to the breath and body, let go of end-results and it only gets better. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! That helps a lot, and makes total sense.


If anything, I get inspired by people who can go farther. It shows me that it's really possible.


I get inspired by others, showing off doesn't matter. I like to do the lotus cross leg pose and before class will do poses in it, like peacock or fish. If I wanted to show off I'd do the headstand and lotus, it's hot yoga so haven't yet.

I haven't seen anyone do the lotus, I'm 65.


Close your eyes and try to meditate in the posture, so you do not see others to compare. It is actually not about how bendy you are, it is internal practice that really matters...


I can't help comparing myself to others in the yoga class at the very beginning of practice. But it's because I don't want to fall behind. When I learned more and could do more hard poses, I started to be more anxious because I desire to excel over others. Yes, I know it's ridiculous. I was about to find peace and relax in yoga. Then I told myself, don't care what others do, just feel what my body feel. It's so hard, but it does help.