Dreaming of Guru


The night before last night I had a dream in which Gurudev Nityanand (your gurus guru) and I were taking and playing drums…I do not remember what he said, but it was very pleasent and I was surprised he was in my dream (while I was dreaming I felt myself smiling, is that make sense?)

        Then last night Baba Muktananda came to my dream.... I was dreaming that I was in this very dark room crowded with people during some strange asana class. While lying down on the floor I feel this old woman embracing me very strongly.....it did not feel unpleasent, however  I got scared and I pushed free from her. Then Baba appear right in front of me, it was him in a young form about 40 years old.... but I recognized his eyes...What I remember is that he said Parsvottanasana and Kumbaka.....I was so happy to see him(in my dream)

Any thoughts?


A: it is most unusual dream. but then all those with baba are likely to be peculiar as he awas a most unique being. Kumbhaka is a large part of his teachings to icnrease that and to encourage through it the retention of prana; which is what his Guru Bhagavan Nityananda was famous for. Old krone may be form of Devi. she has many appearances. Baba during that period of his life was devotee of Devi. The asana is not likely one baba would do; it is from Krishnamachar and Iyengar’s creation so far as i know. Blessings, prasad of their darshan are there regardless of the content. Focus on that. namaste


You mat find explanation of your dream in a book titled " Sleep Dreams and spiritual Reflections". It can be downloaded from the literature section ( In English) of www.awgp.org

Vipul Allentown, PA


thank you. mukunda


well , while sleeping our subconcious ( soul ) is awake and we cant ignore, what comes to our soul while sleeping.