Early Morning habits with yoga and meditation


Great morning moment is quite magical and productivity comes like magical. Schedule to do list lead to productivity and proactive that should implement in our daily work. Early morning yoga and meditation habits that lead our body move forward and boost our energy too.
There has a proverb that early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy. The day you start early with happiness and then your whole day will be productive, proactive and mindful. While wakeup earlier people become productive and proactive, the day ahead can make a plan for next day. It creates energy and mindset. And Early morningyoga also gives you whole day energy.

• Wake up early.
• Drink 500 ml full glass quality water with sliced lemon and mix two spoon honey and drink it. See what happen, it will magically boost your energy in the early morning.
• Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue.
• Dry brushes your body.
• Start a stretching routine.
• Have a coffee
• Have a good smile in the mirror.
• Look at calendar
Make a To-do list: Every productive expert had to do list in the morning that you have one. Create your ideal morning routine to focus your mind.
Eat An Awesome Breakfast:
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to boost your energy. Have a delicious breakfast and get a long-lasting energy for your better health.
Eliminate decision-making tasks in the morning;
Many successful people get a head start and spend the evening for preparation for the next day to make their easy decision in the early morning to start on important work.
Move around and hydrate: As we know Health is wealth. When you feel great that means you can handle anything. Many successful people started their morning by doing a few exercise programs such as running, cycling, walking, etc.
Schedule your day: without a schedule, you could not achieve an important goal.
Workout plan: five to ten minutes workout exercise makes you more energetic to more work.

**Meditation and yoga:**
Early morning meditation and early morning yoga practice give you numerous benefits such as:
Reduce stress
Decrease back pain.
reduce heart attack
Improve flexibility
Improve brain capability
Enhance focus
Improve creativity

yoga with Deep breathing practice:

Make a time frame in each day where you will practice deep breathing.
While you feel stress you can take a deep breath.
Inhale slowly through your nose until your lunge is filled to capacity.
After inhaling as much as possible, hold your breath for full two seconds.
Slowly exhale, in steady and even manner and then all your negative emotion will go away.
Take a two-second push
Repeat this cycle until five minutes.

early morning with green tea:
Having green tea has physical and mental benefit, drinking green tea has many detoxifying effects on the body.