Ears ringing after yoga?

Well, after I do my yoga dvd my ears ring for some reason. It never happened before. I was sick for like a week and didn’t do yoga the whole week ( I was used to doing it daily ) and once I got back into it I noticed my ears were ringing after I did yoga. They don’t ring when I do my one yoga for ten minutes - only when I do my other dvd, the one that’s twenty five minutes long. It’s like when you get off a long airplane trip and sometimes your ears sort of ring. Like, when you yawn and they “pop”. That’s what it feels like - the ringing, that is. Is this…normal? Why do my ears ring?

Sounds like tinnitis. I share this same problem but only after long distance cycling or when I am really tired. Not after yoga. Everything I have learned in my research of this condition is that no one truly knows why it happens. Maybe someone here will have the answer.

Nada Yoga

Sometimes, this ringing in the ears is due to physiological causes, such as excessive fluid levels within the eardrum or the vibrational energy of one's own nervous system, but it may also be directly related to one's personal yoga sadhana....asanas, pranayama, mantra japa, kirtan chanting, meditation, and other related practices.

In the latter case, this phenomenon is known as Pranava, Sanskrit for 'humming', the primal vibration or sound (OM) that existed before the creation and which remains thereafter as the sound of the Divine Presence (God) which pervades the entire universe. These mystic sounds are also referred to as Omkara Dhvani and Anahata Nada.

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Hari OM!


Did the yoga sequence include any inverted postures? or halasana style ones?

(BTW, I have permenant tinn thats is now fairly loud!, so you have my sympathies, I have had mine since I was 14 or so, and well before I started doing yoga!)

Ringing in the ears is called tinnitus. I don’t think you want to encourage yourself to hear this. Most people who experience it don’t really appreciate the experience. Meaning: don’t repeat the experience that is producing tinnitus. And yoga should never make you sick for a week.

There could be some medical reasons that you may want to exclude -from the simple (wax in your ears) to the more complex (e.g. loss of hearing as age goes up, high blood pressure, M?ni?re’s disease if you also suffer from balance problems). So you may want to talk to your doctor to be safe.

I don’t know why one yoga routine gives you tinnitus and the other doesn’t. Are you perhaps increasing your blood pressure in the longer 20 minute routine? Does the longer routine stress you out, yet another possible cause for tinnitus? I hope you are using speakers and not earphones (that could also induce tinnitus).

I know that there is a whole branch of nada yoga that is interested in internal sounds. You haven’t talked about your practice much. So I’m just assuming that it is asana practice and you are not using any techniques that would call up “unstruck” sounds. So, just be pragmatic and stay away from tinnitus.

That’s all I can do with the limited information provided. Best wishes for your practice.

Hello Brianna,
i have the same problem , tinnitus after yoga. I did two yoga sessions with an instructor in July. I admit that I pushed myself a bit. Since then I have had tinnitus in my right ear. I can't escape anything, I'm desperate. How are you now?