Eco woodland tree house retreat with yoga


I am hoping to set up an Eco Woodland tree house retreat with yoga classes/retreats. I need your help to gauge what you would want from a retreat like this, any of your thoughts or suggestions would be really helpful.

It will be on the Isle of Wight (a ferry ride away from Portsmouth, Southampton, Lymmington) and fairly central but in a woodland setting.

Any thoughts or suggestions about anything to do with this would be very kind.

Look forward to hearing from you


Lots of heating…I remember being very cold on the Isle of Wight…a yoga room with wooden floor and under floor heating.

That sounds like a beautiful vision! A studio in the trees, facing the rising sun. Solitude, serenity.

Sounds fantastic! Is that marvelous tree house available on Or should I use booking customer service directly? It would be also great to see the pictures, I'd like to check how this place is looking now.