I recently noticed that we cannot edit our own posts after a short time passes. (An hour–or is it a half hour?)

I often go back later and reread my posts and discover horrendeous errors, or regret that in haste I said something that I would like to soften up a little, but am unable to do so.

I have been on lots of forums, but never had this kind of editing restricition.

Couldn’t that time be at least increased to 24 hours?

I think its half an hour…I too suffer from this prob Thomas espec when its lenghty!!..so now I Copy u know and paste when its hopefully right

I can understand your desire not to have the 30 minute restriction but prefer not to change it. There are many reasons it is implemented, but the biggest is I’m quite the fan of personal responsibility. For example, words hurt. If we tell someone to their face that they’re a jerk, then we have to take some sort of action to rectify that later if we want to create peace. On forums, too many people simply edit their post later and put their head in the sand pretending they never hurt the readers of that post and don’t take any action to rectify the situation properly.

30 minutes should also be plenty of time to edit a post for mistakes if you proofread it a couple of times. If there are mistakes beyond that, then we get to practice acceptance :slight_smile:

If anyone would like to discuss this further, you’re welcome to PM me. Thread closed.