Effectiveness of Online Yoga: videos vs instructor led

I am thinking of learning yoga online, so I am evaluating online yoga videos and online instructor-led yoga lessons. Which one would be better to go?

Are you talking about live sessions or pre-recorded videos?
I wouldn't recommend starting on your own without a professional. The You tube channel won't tell if your posture is incorrect or your poses not balanced. You can end up hurting yourself.

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Thanks for responding! I was evaluating on pre-recorded videos on various apps as they are quite cheap and affordable.
The other option could be to use online instructor led sessions. But not sure how does one evaluate how good the teacher is?

It's kind of varies depending on your own preferences, but you should try both to see what works best for you. Check out Gustavo Woltmann's website for his newly launched online yoga program. He is an accredited yoga teacher that you can trust your beginning and next stages of practices with.