Energetic Assessment & SYT


Q - Namaste Mukunda, As I am writing this, I am a little hesitant of the answers of the questions. Thinking of coming out of my shell. :slight_smile:
competent? We’ll i can do my best at this time while i am keep learning. :slight_smile:

it seems to me that I can’t exclude the Ayurveda or prana from SYT.

I am not sure about the specific assessment for each? I do have from

integrative yoga therapy some basic question and answer sheets for

ayurveda and the dosha’s. I am not sure if this is what you mean?

otherwise I have my notes from the classes and the video to look up more info.

   A -  How do you read energy?  Do you have a way without Ayurveda or other methods?  What is needed is a personal experience of energy regardless of what system you use to do it -- intuitive, aura assessment, ayurvedic, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), chi, prana, etc.  If you don't have a natural way then training for it will take time and more personal instruction would be the way to go.  To me pulse reading is the best way to do energy readings.

      In terms of SYT just reading the ROM and MT does provide some students a means of assessing energy.  Prana becomes more stable when these are normalized.  By being in your own subtle body while doing these assessments one can feel the sub pranas and/or chakra nadi location of their energy to determine if they are home and sattvic or the opposite - that is tamasic or rajasic.  In the upcoming workshop in Boulder weekend before thanksgiving I will show more of this as I explain Yoga Bodywork on both physical and energetic levels.

      The basic dosha assessment sheets are not helpful at all at energy readings.  They are misleading for assessing Prakruti in my experience.  

Q 2 - I am relating the word “Ayurveda” to the elements, the dosha’s:

relationship with the postures and emotions. I am not familiar with

pulse, herbs or diet in ayurveda terms. only know the basic from TCM

perspective. I am ready to get into the ayurveda deeper after I pass

my national ex cam in TCM (oct.07). I am unsure if this is enough to be competent.

    I am nervous when I think of having someone else (pt) in the room at this moment. when I am nervous it usually goes away after/during I 

started with a session. Silvia

 A -  If you can assess meridians, chi and pulse via TCM then that is most adequate for being competent.  While I would prefer you work only with Yoga and its Tantrik energy system; since your training is more extensive in TCM then proceed at mastering that system.  However, I need you to be able to make sense of what you read in Yogic language for the purpose of the paper.  but also feel free to explain your energy findings in TCM language then render it in Yogic language of gunas first, then doshas, then pranas.  

          The fact of your being nervous initially is just that.  If it passes as soon s you are reading energy or opening your heart of compassion to be of help to the client then it is great.  

Namaste mukunda