Energetic Healing or not?


Q - My concern is I’m taking on others’ injuries. How can I protect myself ? Last October, a psychic said that I would become a healer. I didn’t take this seriously and have never thought of being one … Could this be part of the “training” or journey to being a healer. What if I don’t want to take this path, what can I do?

A - Protecting yourself is not a good idea. It leads down the path of no end.  This is a danger for healers.  This pattern of thinking is really the problem.  It is Best is to focus on working on energy of person that is within themselves.  Do not use the model that energy comes and goes from people.  That will always deplete you.  I believe I have addressed this on yogaforums.com site the Spirits path column.  you can look up energy or energy bodywork or energy vampires for some comments to go further.  A healer is first of all focused on their spiritual development foremost.  If that is a path to help others it will naturally arise and methods are not really needed to train in.  They provide a conceptual format but they are really irrelevant to one who is a true healer.  Being a health or wellness counselor is fine too.  

       True healers are given methods that others try to copy.  Hence many names are there for these methods.  If you don’t want to take this path all you have to do is to do more spiritual practice and learn to ground your energy work within your own energy pranic field. Do my tantra lessons – [Yogatherapycenter.org : : Welcome](http://www.yogatherapycenter.org) – free they will help you to be independent and non reactive to others difficulties.  Then if there is proper relationship to help others then you can do so.  Freedom of choice is necessary so that both you and potential client know this is an ethical relationship entered into consciously otherwise if you don’t choose then you are free to not react. 

Blessings. Mukunda


A - Protecting yourself is not a good idea. It leads down the path of no end. This is a danger for healers.

I agree with this. I have been massaging people for 11 years and some people have said that I should protect myself ('surround myself with white light or whatever), but I have always felt that i didn’t need protection. Protection from what? This is a thought ‘I need protection’, it is a fear. I choose not to follow fear thought.
If my energy is low after working on people it’s probably because I have not rested enough, or need to do more asana and pranayam, or I’m not eating well enough, or have negative thoughts or emotions…
Also, the more I have faced fear in my mind, the dark side, pain, etc… the less it has a hold on me and so no more fear of it from me or others (is there really ‘others’ and ‘me’?)

Peace to you, Soul