Energy blockage on lumbar/muladhara area


I feel a strong energy blockage in the lumbar area and glutes. It feels like energy can’t flow down to legs, it just gets stuck there. Which asana could help me get the flow back to normal?



How do you know it is energy blockage and not muscle contracture ?

If you fix muscle contracture, you will be okay.


I just found this forum and I am so happy I did! I have this exact same problem… Any other ideas?



Most energy blocks are felt with energy rising, not with energy going down. So your question raises other questions. First, is this really an energy block or is it tight muscles/nerves that are stretching. To answer that I would do the stretch that you are having issues in (feeling blocked) and see if it feels a little tingly (that is a nerve stretch) or if it just feels tight (muscle stretch) or it is really more of an energy not wanting to flow there.

The energy in the lumbar and gluteal area real and is powerful and blocks do happen there, so if in fact that is what you are feeling I would recommend working with a skilled teacher that you trust to help you. That being said a good pose to start with is the "stirring the pot" from Kundalini yoga. In this pose you make a circle with your belly button while seated in one direction and then in the other. Chest remains relatively motionless. Breath is even. The focus of many yoga poses is to free up blocks, so keep going, pay attention and enjoy.

Most common muscle to create this feeling would be piriformis. Do pigeon pose for that.

Nerves get stretched as do the muscles in down dog.

Hope that is helpful,