"Enhancing the Benefits of Nauli with a Key Exercise for Abdominal Muscle Strength" - Requesting an Honest Feedback

I would like to introduce my 16-page ebook "Enhancing the Benefits of Nauli with a Key Exercise for Abdominal Muscle Strength". The main concept of this ebook revolves around the idea that regular practicing a combination of nauli and leg raises on wall bars (a key bodyweight exercise targeting the same abdominal muscles used in nauli) yields significantly greater therapeutic effects on the internal organs within the abdominal cavity, particularly the digestive system, compared to nauli alone.

Despite achieving a ranking in Amazon's Top 100 ratings in the Yoga category (reaching as high as #4), the ebook has not received any reviews or feedback. I am aware of the flaws in the text that have hindered engagement, and I am eager to address them in a revised and expanded second edition.

I am looking for honest feedback that can shed light on the weaknesses and areas for improvement in the current text. If you could spare 30 minutes of your time to read the ebook and provide a review on Amazon, Goodreads, here on the forum or by writing me personally, it would be immensely appreciated.

The ebook is available for free on various platforms, including Amazon and Google Play.

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