Everybody get involved with this master! You know that. Yin and the Yang

Keep your energy in harmony and have no pain in your body. Pain and bad energies themselves can make the body become deformed by just being in a bad environment or over sacrificing your health for baddies in your mind or environment. Always choose to take care of yourself and preserve the shape and details of the perfect body. Always do better and whenever you are blessed by kundalini choose the life path of the perfect body. Good people suffering never want worse for lucky people or other people suffering. Supreme health is essential to sanctify the earth.

Repeating the concepts subtly and mastering the methods in my posts will be as holy as any blessing for you if you believe. Attribute and attitude is different and natural spontaneous existence is different.

Strong physical and clear mind. And simple intense emotion and always experiencing superconsciousness.

There are millions and billions and trillions of paths to perfection of sanctification.

For the body health there are three main levels you’d care about. Each has a more wholesome and a more particular. The first group is the most wholesome while the middle is medium and the last is like one but reasonable with the time and place by measurement of threes to allow for more simplicity.
From first important to least while all are in harmony but maybe only the first is what you think about the most.
Here they are

  1. Wholesomeness
  2. Most wholesome: symmetry of body language and proportions namely left and right.
    Medium wholesome: Symmetry of body good ways for left and right, front and back, down and up, diagonals.
    More proportional: Balance of 2s
  3. most wholesome: always perfect emotion. Maybe guiding emotions by 25 full moon method would have meditation making you very good.
    More particular: balance of threes. (Like 3,6,9. 3. 81 scales; maybe 6 81s with one in front back right left bottom top of aura.