evolveAware bog - What is our reality? Quantum Consciousness


Quantum science is now understanding that reality is only present when observed, prior to observation it is potential energy. The act of observation collapses the wave function of possibility into one reality. Therefore for anything to exist, consciousness needs to observe for the potential energy to manifest.

Science explores the fundamental building blocks of reality and that reality is pure universal consciousness, God.

This opens up pandora’s box…

We are the potential energy the universe experiencing its self. Observing outcomes of our actions as they manifest and unmanifest in our time-space reality.

It is this potential energy that provides freedom of choice or RESPONSE-ABILITY.

Ability to respond to life’s offerings with a conscious awareness to choose the highest vibrational response. Listening deeply within for a vibrational alignment that supports and honours your highest self.

Making time in your day to set the vibrations that you want present is essential and the reason to meditate.

Stilling the body and mind for 15 minutes twice a day.
In order to get grounded sit close to the floor in a comfortable position.
Use a timer on your phone or watch to set 15 minutes.
Watch your breath and allow yourself to relax.
Choose good beautiful thoughts and allow pleasant happy emotions to rush forth.