Experiencing Sacred Plants without ingesting or smoking


Sound Frequencies like Tibetan chants, singing bowls, gongs etc… can entrain the mind and body into a intuitive and meditave state.
Many have credited the effects of Salvia Divinorum, ‘Diviners Sage’, to having the ability to connect them with ‘mystical beings, animals, angelic entities, God’, also to ‘travel to other dimensions, universes, parallel worlds, alternate realities…’ , 'a sense of increased connection with nature, the earth, the universe, and Out of body experiences and sensations…etc.

There is a completly legal and safe way to experience the profoundly psychedelic and etheric effects of the sacred entheogen Salvia Divinorum without having to smoke or eat it.

A meditave and trance like state can be induced through entrainment from unique and stimulating sound frequencies.

I have mentioned that an entheogenic pathway has lead me to many interesting revelations and experiences. They have directed me on a an illuminated path toward spirituality. 

I feel it is important in this important time of our age to share experiences relating to altered states of consciousness and higher states of being. There is one recent area I’ve become involved with that could most certainly be important to any group members who are interested in these profound sorts of experiences.

These sound frequencies can possibly entrain the mind powerfully into states very closely approximating the types that salvia can induce. These are not at all similar to binaural beats and are a completely new breakthrough.

I personally know a scientific researcher who seems to have engineered a way to emulate a significant part of the salvia experience purely through sound! If this is of interest to anyone for me to share more about my exciting experiences, just let me know.


As a scientist (that I doubt you are), first of all you should know better that substances such as Salvia can cause hallucination, failure of the brain to work correctly…one can go mad or die…

Second, yoga practice denies any substances, since meditation, chanting and exercise can give you liberation and astral trips without harming the body.


i read your post and im really interested. :slight_smile: please!!!
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So I have links for pages of experiential reports that people have written about a free download that’s available… here…

W W W . spiralstarz . com / salviasummaryreportsrecent . htm

(Tony’s report, near the bottom of the page, is really strange and kinda funny!)

There’s also some more reports on people’s experiences with the ‘Altered States’ tracks that the same scientist has developed… here

W W W . spiralstarz . com / alteredstatesreportscurrent . htm

The yahoo group can be found here…

HTTP : / / ca . groups . yahoo . com / group / SalviaDivinorum_FrequencyEmulation /

If you join you get to access the free download.

And if you post your experience, You get another one or 2 free downloads sent to your email personally from the developer.