Extreme sweating; mat recommendation?

I am a broad 6’1, 235 lbs guy with a nearly daily practice for over 2 years - but with hyperhidrosis. That means I sweat a lot - imagine pouring a half gallon, or more, of water out onto your mat during each of your practices. I literally have puddles around my mat along with puddles covering the top of it. The “only” factor I care about in mats is dealing with my sweat.

My first mat was Lulu’s “The Mat” (XL) due to reading it was about the best for sweaty practices. For about a year it worked well, but I think eventually oils clogged it up and it began getting slippery. I got a second of the same, and it lasted another year, before the slipping got bad again. I recently tried a another brand designed to be sweat absorbent - it’s worthless in comparison. I am generally happy with the Lulu mats, but I am interested in looking at other options, before buying my 3rd in three years.

My biggest difficulties are in side plank, having my base foot unable to get traction and also, when hopping to the front of the mat, my hands don’t have the grip to counter my momentum and let me float. It is embarassing to face plant when nothing “hard” is happening.

I have tried yogs towels on top, but they consistently get rumpled or moved when doing transitions - also, most aren’t large enough for me. About 1/2 way through practice I need to put down 4 cotton hand towels. One for each hand and foot… adjusting for each pose is distracting.

I would consider a yoga “rug” directly on the floor, but I am concerned the whole rug would slip.

Do you have any suggestions for my abnormal sweating?

Try being fully aware and breathe as naturally as possible while doing postures.

Check Maduka mats online.

I invested in a Lifeforme mat about six months ago and love it. I bought it specifically to deal with sweaty hands and hot flashes and it hasn’t let me down. It is also a little bigger than standard, which isn’t a factor for me but might be of benefit to you.

I don’t know if the Lifeforme will hold up longer than your Lulu, but so far so good.

Good luck!

try this special one , which has the function of grounding.