F**ck it yoga at Villa Marsi Le Marche Italy (The Hill That Breathes)


This is yoga but with a difference.

The intention is to take you to a ‘F**k It Space’ –
where you’re in a calmer, more care-free state.

Yogi Meg Jackson and Fk It founder John C. Parkin

have created this yoga with a Fk It twist to take you to this amazing state.
All on The (fabulous) Hill That Breathes (Villa Marsi ) where F
k It all started in 2005.

The Background to the Creation of F**k It Yoga

John speaking –
“A while back I developed a problem with my achilles heels (having plodded around in sandals for too long), and this led me into doing regular yoga-like stretching.
And I really rather liked them.
So I added some more yoga (with the help of a great yoga teacher, Meg Jackson) and some Qigong.
And, as well as helping with the heels, I found (to my delight) that this mixture was getting me to a ‘Fk It Space’ in a very effective and powerful way.
And getting into this ‘F
k It Space’ – when we’re really relaxed no matter what is going on, when we’re lighter about life, when we simply feel good and calm – is what really interests me.
So the thought arose…
Why not teach people this special form of yoga, with the aim of taking people to this powerful F**k It State?
It will contain the beautiful yoga that people are familiar with, but take people to this unfamiliar space.
So I’ve got together with aforementioned yoga teacher – Meg Jackson (founder of ‘Real Life Yoga’ in London). And we’ve put something together that’s both familiar and brand new.
And you’re going to love it.
Welcome to…

18 - 25 june le Marche Italia

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