Fastest path to nirvikalpa samadhi?

Has anybody here achieved nirvikalpa samadhi? Would you share the path of yoga/meditation that you followed to achieve it?
You can reach me on email: if you don't want to share here.


Samadhi is far ahead and no one can even truly say how to achieve Dhyan (Meditation).

These are outcomes of mental state. They are not activities but rather they are experiences. There cant be steps and cant be time period attached to achieve it.

in nirvikalpa samadhi.. one fully ecsperiences the forces of the play of the so called opposites (like in the yin yang symbol depiction. because one in not involved in pushing & pulling (adjustments of what we r feeling)
but rather allow completely just as is.... samskars fly off (discharge..unravrel)and also the mind energy (human part of consciousness) is less strongly tethered to the plus/minus reality ecsperiencing....... and then one can simultaneously ecsperience the undivided nature of source and much of our spirit.... as long as they continue to simultaneously feel wat they feel totally as is.. without 'adjusting'. :slight_smile: vippassana the art of living .by william hart is good.