Fat people in yoga?


I mean this question in the most respectful, humble way possible. I recently went to a studio where this lady was very heavyset. not just like bulky big, but i mean ALOT of body fat… to my surprise though, she was a GURU with the poses! One of the graetest and strongest I have seen actually! I am just baffeled on how someone that good at yoga can have a bodytype like that?! anyone that good at yoga must do it all the time, even if you eat like crap its still has to have a drematic effect? Im really interested on how this is possible?


how do you know this person doesn’t have a health condition that causes her to be obese? Why do you assume because one does yoga, you are “healthy”? Quit buying into what you see on the covers of magazines, and don’t assume.


stateofmind, I am but an infrequent visitor here, but I hope the darkness that greeted you does not defeat you. You came for enlightenment & met with the same darkness of which you were being accused. A very old & useful trick of the darkness.

But let us walk into the light. The darkness is promoting certain body types to be viewed in a particular way. It is the darkness that meets you with such force that you no longer feel safe in searching for the light.

The truth is, none of us know the rest of the story. Our brain tends to fill in the blanks, so to speak. If we see “this” over & over again, our brain jumps to conclusions & perceives a reality. Then when we see “that” our brain doesn’t know how to process it into our reality. That’s when we made choices & our mind can engage.

If you are practicing yoga, then you are practicing meditation. Practicing meditation is opening your mind & allowing it to learn to control the brain. An open mind seeks enlightenment & in that journey will meet resistance from the dark.

The darkness that met you was hiding some truth. The truth is one does not know the rest of the story. I see her as an inspiration to those of us who do struggle with our weight. Thank you for seeking enlightenment & bringing some to me.

I pray you continue on your journey to enlightenment & do not fear the darkness. Darkness runs from the light.

Be Blessed

PS. You have inspired a new blog topic. I would be honored if you could read it once it’s posted. Let me know if you have an interest.



First, as a fat person, I don’t think your question and assumptions were bad and definitely did not deserve a nasty reply. That said, just keep in mind that weight loss issues can be varied. Aside from more extreme medical conditions, I suspect that chronic stress/anxiety/depression and long term damage built up by unhealthy eating is behind most cases of obesity and learning to deal with that is difficult and takes time. It’s not hard to get a lot of flexibility despite being obese, certain poses are difficult because of belly fat. Despite that, I get compliments for my flexibility along with surprise such as yours.


may be she is not master on yoga..
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hello guys....may be that lady is suffering from obesity problems, but still we have some good yoga for healthy people they can do this yoga as beginner....i am also healthy guy i am doing this yoga since last 3 months and i have termendious unbelievable effects on my body and mind...guys you can also follow the link from where i learned about yoga...https://clk.ink/wdeiYPm


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