Feel like my flexibility is getting worse not better


Hi all

I am in need some advice. I used to practice yoga a few years ago but personal circumstances prevented me from continuing on. Anyway said circumstances changed so I decided that it's something that brought me joy and I wanted it back in my life. I joined my local gym almost 3 months ago and started to do the yoga class twice a week and I'll try to get a home class in too. But I don't feel like my flexibility is improving if anything I think it's getting worse. I guess my question is should I be practicing more than 3 times a week to improve? I'm getting quite frustrated now as I am not seeing any difference which is quite deflating. Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance


Hi..Like if you are doing gym means definitely your body muscles will be stiff and tight. So you want to do both together you have to maintain it. You try to do yoga at-least 5 days a week if it is early morning it will be more effective. When you will practice in morning you will feel your body is more stiff compare to evening so don't worry about it. It's happening because our body is resting whole night. And in gym you try focus in hand compare to lag. So leg muscles will not become to stiff.


I'm doing Yoga every single day and see better improvement, also do Tai Chi and walk everyday. Calisthenics would be better than lifting weights for me, such as push-ups, squatting and sit-ups.

I do Hot Yoga so that helps a lot.


anshuyolig got it right. Combining gym with yoga is the reason. They work on your body in the oppsosite ways. It is up to you decide.


Thank you Anshuyolig I will try and get a few more morning sessions in :slight_smile:


Thanks Thinman I think the stiffness is a result of running as I'm not really into the weights. I have also heard Calisthenics is good to aid flexibility so I will maybe see if I can find a class local to me :ok_hand:t2:


Hey, the stiffness could be caused by other reasons as well. I used to do yoga every day and even after a year into it, I used to feel that my lower body was not so flexible whereas my upper body was quite flexible. And then one day suddenly, I ended up with a nasty back pull and I thought it was going to be okay in a couple of days. But it lasted 6 months, and 2-3 Orthos, as well as 2-3 Physios, could not figure out or fix the problem. I had 50-60 Physio sessions done but no help. I did a ton of research and found out that it was Sacro Iliac Dysfunction. It is caused by sitting long hours at the desk in bad posture. I used to spend very long days on the computer and I used to slouch as a habit. And I wasn't doing any other exercises.

In the process, I figured out and fixed the problem by learning that it was caused due to the weakening of core muscles and hip flexors and tightening of hamstrings and abs. So all it needed was strengthening of core and hip flexors and stretching of hamstrings and abs.

So if you have such a lifestyle where you spend a lot of hours at the desk, do the above exercises. I think those exercises are a must for anyone with a desk job. Hope that helps.


You need to mention your age and other contra indications if any.

But in short I can say that you need to work all 7 days to get to result the way you want.

But I don't feel like my flexibility is improving if anything I think it's getting worse

You need to make sure you drink enough water , getting trained under right teacher and you are consistent in your practice.