Fibroid Uterine Tumor


I recently had a student approach me after class telling me that she has a tumor in her uterus the size of a grapefruit. She is trying to shrink it through acupuncture, diet, yoga, etc. so that it can be surgically removed without “pulling all of the plumbing” so to speak. She ask me about yoga postures to try to “stretch” the uterus. I gave her wave breath, a supported, bound, supta badakonasana; gentle supported backbends, and relaxation with yoni mudra, emphasizing that the latter is probably the most important. I was uncertain of what might be contra-indicated, especially concerning pranayama, for her condition. She is not a client, but will be in class Friday and would like more advise.
Thank you for your thoughts


Best is to take a conservative point of view and not say much other than be gentle and sattvic with her effort. If you want to suggest help have her go to International Assoc. of Yoga Therapy website and see what they have on file. namaste mukunda