Fibromyalgia pain

Hello! I have had Fibromyalgia pain for years with the pain and trigger points only multiplying these past two years. I have recently gotten into yoga and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am worried however that I may be doing poses and or practices that only enhance my pain later on. In each practice, I really push myself while also listening to my body and backing away from what hurts. I do both meditation and yoga in the morning and at night. Can anyone recommend what style of yoga I should be going after exactly? I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Please have your own yoga module designed for your physiological conditions. Styles are way how you do postures but for therapy, I always suggest to learn under expert who can assess you first. I normally do assessment of my student before and while teaching that helps them ensure that it will not go wrong.

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Thank you! I will try to find a professional near me :slight_smile: