Flexibility- Can everyone achieve it?


I have been practicing yoga off and on for about 2 years. Additionally I danced and did gymnastics for most of my childhood. I can definitely see improvement in my flexibility when I practice regularly, but I sometimes feel like I will never be able to achieve the level I would like. Even when I danced for 16 years, I could never get anywhere close to the ground in a straddle split.

My question is- Do you think some people just are not flexible? Or can everyone achieve their desired level with enough time, patience, and practice?


I’d encourage you to read Jules Mitchell’s blog regarding yoga and the science of stretching. Valuable, evidence based information.


I have not read Jules Mitchell’s blog, but I will.

My view of flexibility is that it depends. If flexibility is defined as the ability to kick over my head, then no. If flexibility is not feeling stiff and having less or no pain, then yes.

I have been a martial artist for most of my life, over 40 years, and I have been doing yoga, of and on, for about 20 years, but my flexibility is no where near what it was when I was in my 20s and 30s and, sadly, I seriously doubt it will ever be again. I now have arthritis in my hips and knees and although finding the right yoga routine has helped greatly with my flexibility and pain management issues, I have not regained much flexibility, but I do feel better.

However I think the wrong yoga routine for someone who is older or suffers from arthritis can be detrimental to ones flexibility


My 1st Yoga teacher told me that when sitting with feet together (butterfly pose), she could never get her knees down to touch the floor, no matter how hard she tried. Then she told me that she sat and instead of force would use her mind. Without effort her knees dropped down to the floor.


If you me will give me some more information i can tell you exactly you can or not. Like your front and side split is how much? have feel that sometime you can do it batter but another day it's becoming same. And how's your front bending??
Like when i started yoga with me one of my friend started too. But now i can split more then 180 degree but my friend can't. Everyone have different types of body some people are flexible by their childhood But some are not. Depends on your body and choosing correct posture.


Yes everyone can achieve to get the flexible body. But for the flexible body you have to do the stick with the training patience, and diet. The proper training and diet can help in achieving the flexible body. But what kind of training you have to do to achieve the flexible body. The answer is yoga, but from the yoga training you cannot get the result in two or three days you have to wait and do the yoga session everyday for 20 minutes. The regular yoga session will help you in achieve the flexible body with ease in couple of weeks.