Flu after Yoga?


Hi there, its my first post here so hello to all :slight_smile:

I’ve started doing grounding vinyasa joga classes [session lasts around 50minutes] with my partner, about a month ago. After a 6 days of it I felt sick, flu like symptoms, pain in chest, sore throat. Without fever- maybe a really little one, for 2-3 days. I’ve thought that I’ve got normal infection. I’ve stopped doing yoga, 2 weeks after curing that disease started again - and here I am - after 3 days of yoga the flu-like symptoms are back again…
ps. my girlfriend too got a cold, but it faded away after 3 days, mine was more severe and lasted for 2 weeks…

About me;

28 years old
living moderate stresfull life
smoker [trying to quit, though]
past heavy drinker
taking spirulina & chlorella for the past 2 weeks - I’ve thought this might be also the cause, as it relases toxins from the body + the same from yoga.
vegetarian for almost 2 years [hovever I eat fish rarely]

I’ve heard that there are many people having flu-like symptoms after excercises [however- normal ones, on the gym etc not yoga] - and that there is no cure. Maybe more water or some probiotics…
any advice?



Energetically, illness in the body is a call for one to change one’s living. Sometimes that call is a whisper. Other times it is a scream. Most of us do not answer the whisper until we’re incredibly aware and that can take time.

More pragmatically when the immune system isn’t stoked properly it is more susceptible to bugs, which we are in contact with every day and fight off. Respiratory issues resulting from the choice to inhale tar and nicotine can compromise the immune functions as can the consumption of sugar. Thus, demands on your lungs - like a fast paced asana practice, a run for the bus, (or a sweet tooth) etcetera will stir things up.

Of course it is possible that the practice itself is bringing these things up for you to deal with (what some call “releasing toxins”) and that this is all part of taking up a healthier lifestyle. Having taken your time to put carcinogens in your system it takes some time to get them out and it’s rarely “pleasant”.

It is also possible the studio in which you practice is not tidy enough for your wellbeing.


Thx for quick reply. So basically do you think I should stop doing practice again or just don’t bother with those ‘symptoms’ ?


When the body knocks you on your butt it is often asking for rest - something most of us deprive ourselves of with the abuse of caffeinated beverages.

Were it me, I’d try a gentler practice and see how my body responds to that - while deepening my pursuit of healthier nutrition.

I would not disregard the messages coming from your body in any way, shape, or form.



yeah, that’s true indeed. caffeine is almost everywhere. coca cola, coffee, tea, green tea, yerba mate etc… I’m not drinking coffee, though.

I was doing exercises similar to those ones [on you tube put ‘Grounding Afternoon Yoga Practice ~ Full Length Intermediate Class ~ 45 minutes’ in the search] maybe I should try some more gentle. However, joga was orignally going to help me get rid of my bad habits- now it seems I need to get rid of them first to start joga… and I’m back to start heh. My gf hasnt got any problems with it and she never practised before- I guess that don’t have to mean anything to do with myself.


I’m sorry but you started a moderate exercise program and 6 days after you started you caught a cold …and you think it was from the exercise?

Thats a new one.

Not the vitamin C depleting smoking? Not the moderate stress? Not the contact with just about anyone or any thing you might have come into contact with during the 6 days who might have been transporting whatever virus or bac. that gotcha?

I really think you might profit by researching cold and flu FAQs on the web and some cold vs flu comparison charts.

Try washing your hands a bit more. Not this brief rince stuff. I mean like [B]Twenty-six[/B] seconds. The whole alphabet :stuck_out_tongue: with warm water and soap helps remove bacteria and viruses.

When you shake hands sigh wash your hands again. One more round of the alphabet :stuck_out_tongue:

Prudence is not paranoia. Proper hygiene is not being retentive.


Also I’ll add that I’m already a vegetarian, don’t intake caffeine. Cut out alcohol. Trying to eat fresh things while posibble and so on… the only last thing are the cigarettes which I’m quiting tmrw. :wink: But I doubt this would make any difference. I think if my body reacts bad to that kind of exercises, then it’s really strange thing. They might be a little demanding but hey- it’s not something really heavy. And I can feel it.

Yogamark - I’m supplementing with spirulina and chlorella [approx 2 times 1-2 months per year] and don’t think I’ve got lack of vit C.
I’m on holidays and don’t think can catch anything as I’m staying at my home ,mostly.
The thing with washing hands- one of my jobs involves Health&Safety, COSSH/IOSHH etc at work so I’m well into that one. No idea what can cause it. That was my first ilness so severe from… well… 2 years I guess? As after switching to not eating meat I even stopped having colds which I’ve always had.


I honestly think that it was just a coincidence. I went on vacation and came back and got back to back illnesses. First, I had a very nasty cold. Then my acid reflux began acting up so bad that I had to miss a day of work and go to the ER. I can only blame it on weather changes and traveling despite eating clean, taking vitamins, and getting plenty of rest.

Did you get plenty of rest when you first got sick? I know that it is easy to get rebound sicknesses if you never completely recover from the initial illness. Also, I have noticed that people who rarely get sick get very sick when they do. In contrast to kids who get dozens of mild colds a year.

I really don’t think yoga would cause flu like symptoms unless you are having a Kundalini Awakening.


Yeah, I hope this is only a coincidence… however coincidences doesn’t exist :wink:

hard to say that I’ve fully recovered or not- 3 days feeling good, thats why I’ve started again then.

Anyway - many thanks 2 everyone for posting. Will keep you updated :slight_smile:



I hate when people say you really think you can get flu from exercise or when you ask a question and they are just stupid answering it. To be direct as going through the same thing for the 3rd time…Yes…Yoga in the heat can cause flu like symptoms as the heat detoxifies your body. I was an RRT age 22 now 42 Compliance Officer so I do tons of combat sports and if you do not take multi vitamins even vigorous exercise with poor nutrition you will definitely get a cold due to low immune suppression. I use to get colds all the time Judo, TKD, MMA, BJJ, Muay T, CrossFit until I started injecting B12 1cc 1 x week or you can take over the counter. Recently I joined infared hot yoga studio total different heat as it burns fat and you do not feel like you are suffocating but did Raja for my joints and no side effect but yeast infections of course you immediately after yoga you have to jump in their shower asap and change underwear but only one shower and a line in this place. Now I am at a new yoga place doing core 45 hit training 45 minutes in 101 degree heat and 2 days doing way harder than vinyasa by the time I hit Crossfit my nose was runny…I have a sore throat, cough and fever like symptoms. So basically this is my 3rd time experiencing this doing hot yoga I usually just quit but I need an answer from a yoga expert on how to battle through the detox because I am 5 foot 1 and need to transition over from barbell lifting and weights to lenghning my limbs and body to look leaner. Looking stocky now and I usually do not think twice if something goes wrong and quit but this time I need hot yoga. I mean I can do regular yoga but it hurts my limbs takes a while to warm up so I rather the heat because you can flow easier. Ty


They do a.mi if the body is at stress or your immune system is low. I have underactive thyroid with high cortisol wo cushings as I had anxiety since 17 so right there it puts me at risk for any stressors. Heat and Vinyasa which is hard puts stress. If you do vinyassa wo the heat completely different but yuck it hurts. Heat forces the body to work harder and you feel your heart racing more so if the person asking has stress or high cortisol…not caffeine related although caffeine does add stress on people w anxiety then yes the heat can cause havoc on your system and break you down. Sometimes it just detoxes you as well and you get flu like symptoms. I just hate vinyasa so I am here asking you guys that take hard core yoga as I am doing another type how do I get through doing Vinyasa and trying to love it right now I do need it as I want to stop age 42 all this crazy working out and I love combat sports but knees are starting to crumble like 42 hit me hard because of overtraining so I need to chill plus everyone that practices yoga daily are slim some of them even have muscle definition and that is all they do. Any tips as I did a 2 week membership have few days left and have to see if I sign up permanently. The infared one I like way more because the heat actually hits you different but its 10 min away and that one has soft classes too. The one I am trying now is all fast paced.


I am a 55 yr old female…I am on NO medication. I am healthy, eat balanced diet with no fructose little if any sugar, low if any starchy foods or white flours, little coffee, no soft drinks, for years, am allergic…well balanced whole foods, mostly chicken and fish and some read meat…i will get ill if eat anything other than this way and i do have seasonal allergies but never get sinus infections or flu…I do lymphatic and cranial massage techniques on myself several times weekly, keeps things flowing

THAT being said…every single time i do a YOGA CLASS, non heat, and very little sweathing, very gentle class, tho i struggle with some moves but know my limitiations and when to stop…I get flu like symptoms for 4-7 days, flu like aches, extreme fatigue, and am utterly USELESS…some mild nausea and headaches

I dont do this as a religious practice, so am not opening up anything there… I simply liked the gentleness of it to strengthen my body,finding my upper strength is not what i thought tho I can lift 50 lbs over my shoulder, need work in other areas of my arms and chest

I am investigating this to the extreme becasue I know stretches and other moves affect internal organs, in good ways and if overdone, I would assume in bad ways…

I did not dehydrate, i drink 4-5 glasses of water a day, I drink nothing else but on ocassion some grapefruit juice and a cup or two fo coffee daily, caffeinated…i know to drink my water before and after if not during, excercise

I am leanig towards detox of some sort, I do not udnerstand it, I am not hormonal< I am on natural progesterone as needed…

I am very strong in spirit mind and body…this totally puzzles me

I would love to continue yoga so hope to get tot he bottom of this extreme illnesses I get afterwards for DAYS

Maybe I AM overdoing it and do not realize it, i feel great after tho a little tired…

The chakra or pineal gland is engaged during yoga, quite possibly THIS is causing the fatigue

I am not sure but it’s not the flu and its not hormonal or dehydration in my opinion

THanks, hope you all find the answer with me!