Flying in the air


I wonder if it is posible to achive this , and if it is, how can this be achived, or is this just movie/photographic trick?


It is a trick and a delusion. What is possible is a waste of time and energy. The Yoga Sutras describe this in chapter 3 and other skills but end by pointing out that such pursuits are for those stuck outside of spiritual pursuits. It only gives feelings of worldly attainment. When we go to sleep we fly in astral realms learnign to be conscious of such events is more beneficial if you wish to fly. namaste mukunda


Namastey mukunda, from my child hood days onwards i used to have astral projection during REM sleep, i even saw myslef lying on the bed in same positin, i was afraid during early days, now i’m used to it and i’m enjoying it, and recently i saw my dead grand mom in that diamenson .


this is normal for students who need to learn the lessons of chapter 3 of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Four archetypal students are discussed in each of 4 chapters. blessings. mukunda


Dear Mukunda:

Could you briefly describe the four archetypes?



The introduction to my rendition of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali explains the 4 archtypes more clearly. But basically each chapter refers to a different type of student one needing unique teachings from the others. Chapter one (samadhi pada) is one who experiences samadhi as naturally arising and it leads them to God. Chapter two (sadhana pada) sees they need purification so they engage in Kriya Yoga and/or Classical asthanga yoga next. Chapter three (vibhuti pada) seeks to develop the fullest potential of their mind and attain its full powers. Chatper four (kaivalya pada) seeks only liberation and nothing short of it. Each has different yogas; the entire book is not meant for any singular student but to show teachers how they must adapt teachings for the individual they serve. Only rare teachers are trained to work with all the four types of students; obviously most contemporary yoga is last part of chapter two focus only on asana (3rd limb of 8). namaste mukunda stiles