Folding Mat trick

Anyone fold their mat before rolling ? I do but I use a short cheap thin mat but I also practice in a a studio with a wood floor, when I practice outside if I am on cement I user a thicker longer mat
Folding your mat is a cleaner wat to transport so the side you practice on does not come in contact with the floor side

hey, that’s a great tip for my travel mat… the one that does get put on icky hotel room floors… thanks!

When I roll it I do fold it in half first. Otherwise I simply fold it and pack it that way. It might be worthwhile to mention that the side you use goes against the side you use. This way the two body-contact surfaces are not exposed. I know, it seems like a no-brainer but…

Yes, it’s a no brainer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, Fixed.

But only if the fold is learned from a teacher with 2,000+ hr YTT. Otherwise the fold will undoubtedly be incorrectly formed.

My mat would be super awkward and huge if I folded it before rolling. :-?

I haven’t been folding my mat before I roll it. Now that you point out how that causes the underside to come in contact with the topside, I’m kind of grossed out!

[QUOTE=TGKvr;79998]My mat would be super awkward and huge if I folded it before rolling. :-?[/QUOTE]
I use a regular sized mat when I do this
Mine folds to the size of a lunch box
Then I use nylon mat straps they still go around it fine

I always gave more thought to which side of the mat to work out on, the smooth side or the side with ridges. I saw people doing both. When I go back to class I might fold once and then roll.