Food as medicine


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Sushumna Yoga-- I think I have read that book! It seems so obvious but I was so surprised to learn that. I had been breathing through my mouth most of my life and after reading that I made a conscious effort to stop. It has decreased my headaches.[/QUOTE]

Swarodaya or swara yoga is a branch of yoga, teaching how to activate sushumna through equalization of the breathing through ida and pingala
It is a lot more to it. It can lead your actions in life.

Swami Rama says that actually it is very necessary for advanced yoga


It is important to eat good food. It is also important to eat properly.

One of the things involved is chewing properly, chewing the food for long. Why so ? Because by chewing for long, you mix the food with the bacteria in the saliva. It helps the digestion.

What I want to point out here is the production of NITRIC OXIDE in the saliva

Nitric oxide is a miracle molecule. It impacts the health of every cell, tissue, and organ. Boosts circulation, supports a healthy heart, strengthens the bones, etc etc.

Search the Internet to convince yourself how important is to chew properly.

One thing rather amusing: this comes in contradiction with using Listerine or other mouthwash liquids.


Some of the people who survived the holocast claim that one of the things that really helped them survive on only one piece of bread a day was the fact that they chewed the piece of bread very very slowly over the course of several hours. Not only does saliva help to break down food, but I suspect that saliva may be a powerful form of medicine that we can produce.


Genetically Modified Foods

They are really bad, to say the least.

Scientist who worked in this field show that GMO cause serious health risks including infertility, immunity disregulation, accelerated aging, cell signaling, protein formation, changes in liver, kidney, spleen, etc.

GMO are a lot more dangerous to us and our environment that global warming.

Man made genes in GMO spread into the fields of natural crops and contaminated them.They have created superweeds, resistant to chemicals.

GMO genes transferred to humans, creating serious health issues.

You can read MYTHS and TRUTHS about GMO here:

It is a big scientific work. The file is too big to be attached.


Genetically Modified Foods

Another good site about it is:


Yoga of nutrition

It is not only what you eat but HOW you eat that is so important.

I am reading this book and learning a lot. Food contains also subtler elements, feeding your astral body. Eat with love.

Eg you want to eat an apple. Keep this apple in your hand for a few moments and tell the apple you love it. The apple will open up to you, much like a flower opens up when the sun rises. So the apple will give you nutrients not only for your physical body.


While it’s important to use food as a medicine its also healthy to use healthy cosmetics like Tea Tree shampoo


I am a Registered Dietitian and a mindful eating coach.
I 120% agree with that Food is medicine and all the food we ingest have some kind of effect on our body.

However, no matter how much vegetables we eat or spices we put in our dishes, there are hundreds of people who still suffer from weight and other disease.

Therefore, I believe that our mind plays a big role in our wellbeing and I practice and teach mindful eating.
Mindful eating teaches you to be aware of your body and your surroundings. Knowing how your body is feeling and needing, we can provide our body with the food that truly nourishes our body.
Everyday, our body experiences different things like stress, anxiety, anger, and even happiness.
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Interesting–so if we are leading a healthy lifestyle, this is what we should be looking forward to. Very uplifting!


Yeah turmeric is good. I also read about Turmeric can be used for health recovery.


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Some foods contains such kind of nutrients which make them as effective as medicine.Other than turmeric there are so many other food items which make them as effective medicine such as Chia seeds for cholesterol , Honey for cough and Beans for high blood sugar levels.


Whole Foods Plant based

Lifestyle Medicine