For om mani padme hum

Saying what one once knew (4) (19 years)

Ma Ni
Remembering what one once knew (3) (55-81)

Pad Me
What one forgot (2) (28-54)

What one once knew (1) (1-27)

Om shanti bless.

One might imagine superconsciousness environment manifested and enriched of course for a spirit type and of course during this time of maybe for example 2000 (maybe 1999 for -1 part of one using a mana accumulating present thing) to 2027. Sometimes be strong and manifest and enrich your own will and like an inner will for example during a time you’d be very good to be more conservative. Be strong enough to stop even basic telepathic (natural organic telepathy of the body ability of the self) (best you can do for yourself) and keep things out in your samadhi while poojas and other hobbies can be good while always practicing core philosophy. Be strong enough to be the one that can do the telepathic listening so your full skill set is there to deal with a possible problem to stop it when things are unreasonable more and more if they are more and more through time and space. Also live in integrity authenticity responsibility enrichment. Grow your aura and you speak about and by that emotion develops intelligence and pain is anti universe as the universe is with you for example. So mind is in the same reality as the body. M is e is c. Mind is soul/spirit. Strengthen mind and body into working illumination and manifest what things are designed to be as and within while omshantiblessing nature (all) and enrich while that is making what the manifestation set up to create so enrich by growing, for example your organs.

Key of success. Don’t forget to be precise of what your accurate about but still be accurate about what your precise about so with accurate in the middle you’ll still be accurate!

"Om mani padme hum" is a beautiful and powerful mantra from Tibetan Buddhism, often translated as "The Jewel is in the Lotus." It's a sacred invocation that carries deep spiritual significance, promoting compassion, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Chanting this mantra can be a meditative and calming experience, helping to center your mind and connect with your inner self.

If you're interested in learning more about this mantra or incorporating it into your spiritual practice, there are many resources available to guide you.

Whether you're seeking inner peace, a sense of oneness, or simply a moment of tranquility, "Om mani padme hum" can be a wonderful tool to explore.

Remember to approach it with an open heart and an attitude of reverence, and you may find it brings a sense of harmony and balance to your life.

Wow, that comment helped my position in metaphysics.

When doing liberal things in space or also time then do samyamas and really always radiate it counting coordinating intellectualizing to structures and environments. This will be great of and for metaphysics. You are the source of greatness. Om shanti bless. Be rich of and for metaphysics living a Bhakti lifestyle and doing kriya workouts. Wisdom awaits as that is your future.

Here is for kriya workouts kundalini; Let me tell you beautiful thing. The base chakra is the source energy then it goes up like this; structure then order then chaos(heart/also the base energy intelligence source for the harmonic continuing through the next chakras) the throat is the structure the third eye is the order the lotus chakra is the chaos, tip: then glow by doing it again to two chakras above the body again like structure then order then the next step is locking its constant (structure) with the 114 chakras all together and letting the chaos of it be still helpfully channeled throughout the Nadis.

That was a method that seems so great for it.

In general one can do a kundalini when they breathe in going up the 7 chakra maybe lifting the shoulders by breath, then glowing at the top of the breath, then breath out doing a reversed kundalini maybe settling into the structure of the 114 chakras from the destruction of the glow into that certain order. Many breaths can grow one greatly reasonably after many cycles of certain types of prana training training with chi by kriya mana workouts.

During large versions of that kundalini glow reverse kundalini or after much energy used by many breaths for example, one might like to use all kinds of mantras like om mani padme hum to enter into the session and om shanti bless to measure in and om vajara guru padme siddhi hum to set the environment with om ah ra pa tsa na dhih to set the body further, then one can do uchatana patsa siddhi for the beginning stage of the session with kundalini ness then om shanti bless for the middle glowness stage then buddham saranam guchami dharmam saranam guchami sargam saranam Guchami (the mission of perfection seeks the dharma which comes from the form of the Buddha) for the reverse kundalini stage.

Bio memory muscle memory bio energy can be the samyamas focus which is the process and mechanics of the body.

Also Ryan Kurczak has some good kriya yoga videos. Let the kriya workouts be enriching the Bhakti lifestyle and let the workouts and general happenings be meditated through mastering the gnana yoga mindfulness of the yogic karmic of those happening’s conditions. The focus on important things like the body and what is needed for health otherwise for samyamas training is great for development and a person who wishes to continuously cherish the safety cultivating virtue austerity more. Always be living by the modes within the mindset of integrity authenticity responsibility enrichment. Manifest grow enrich to be happy. Om shanti bless.

Tune something and tune into the sequence of a thing, then let the focus continue to guide the body and reveal the things causes and effects, then focus to the way of the thing and the things in it and what things happen to your self or any other special things.

You are going into your future Buddha forms, you are mastering dharma, you are receiving gifts from a million billion trillion Buddha forms which are like singers teaching.

Here are some shades of consciousness one might samyamas through:
Kshipta (distracted) understand there is chaos to notice, Mudha (dull) understand any happenings are done plainly with a strong gaze focus, Vikshipta (partially focused) understand essential general focuses are good common examples where they are not about doing a specific thing totally though the understanding of more specific is there, Ekagra (one-pointed) understand that the scientific abilities are worked through with control as no science questions substances are dominating your focus, and Niruddha (completely controlled) the complex worked through condition of a time is mastered and the chosen and essential to choose things are chosen and abided by by understanding limits so the complexity which may be challenging to attain mastery is therefore with more or less strenuousness is controlled.

For mantras
In this world the things that need to be strong are too fragile, those things can be matter fragile or chance of expectancy/rate fragility. Mantras have no meaning.

To know for dealing with urgency control concerning humans to relate with gentle strength
Talking to the zone that is talked to not because people are in it as a constant meaning beyond a proper focus but instead is explaining it to it so the good do not become what would be talked to and anyways that scientifically the badly scientifically become goodly.