Foundation courses

Hello everyone,

I am completely new here and looking for some advice about a good yoga course in London.

I have been attracted by yoga since I was a little girl and I did learn by myself some autogenic training techniques to help me become more body-aware and confident in stressful situations such as public concerts (I am a pianist and piano teacher).

Unfortunately, I have never had enough time to really integrate yoga to my schedule until now, so my experience with yoga is very limited and based on online tutorials and sporadic drop-in studio classes.

Now, I would like to invest more in my body-mind wellness and for this reason I would love to attend a good yoga course. The problem is that, looking online, it seems that the options are not what I was hoping for, namely courses with clear standard curriculums of yoga practice and philosophy that help you gain experience under supervision of experts. In fact, on one hand I found yoga classes where you choose the level and attend group lessons but without a real curriculum and no theory at all; on the other hand there are teacher training programs which seem great, but probably targeted for experienced yoga practitioners.

Do you guys know of any course that teaches standard yoga practice and philosophy in London that would be good for me? Or any advice on the matter?

I look forward to receiving some replies from you! I’m sure you guys will be of great help.

Thanks in advance,