Get Famous Yoga People involved in the forum!

I’ve just invited Leslie Kaminoff to the forum. He is an author of Yoga Anatomy book. I was hesitating for a while to invite famous experts in the “yoga industry”, but for the sake of forum community we need more professionals to be involved in order to make yogaforums more interesting and informative.

what you all think?

Well known or not, educated or not, experienced or beginner, teacher or student, everyone is welcome and can contribute in their own way :slight_smile:

Thank you for inviting others!

Thats absolutely true, everyone can contribute, and there are quite a fer competent people on the forum. But when it comes to specific question about health issues, or scripts interpretations, I can see the lack of competent or even coherent answers sometimes. Thats why I would like to see and contribute to involvement of competent people.

Would you agree that a 40-years practitioner can (most of times) be more knowledgeable then 10-years practitioner?