Getting over fear of tipping over


Hi folks! New to the forum here, first post.

I'm looking for some help or insight into getting over my fear of tipping over, head over heels, falling, etc. Specifically getting into poses such as plow, headstands, handstands.

I'm fairly new to yoga, been practicing on and off for a couple of years but have jumped fully back on board practicing in a hot yoga studio 4-6 days a week since December.

Even as a child, I have never been good with the tipping feeling. Tipping on a chair terrifies me, I've never been able to do a somersault as I'm terrified of falling over myself. I can get into a shoulder stand, and keep my body straight up into the air while supporting my lower back, but the second I start to slowly work my legs back, I get the "tipping" feeling and then panic and either pull back or fall over. I've been working on tripod headstand the last couple of weeks, and can get my legs half way up with knees at 90, but the second I move to bring one leg up and feel the falling sensation, I over compensate in fear and lose balance.

Any tips on getting over this fear?



New things always come with challenges.

For most of the intermediate and advanced posture, a teacher should teach how to fall safely first before explaining how to do posture.

I do that to my student and they play safe that way.

Once you know how to fall safely, you can perform your posture much better way without any fear.


Hi NaeNae

My advice is to face your fear. Do that which scares you until it is not scary anymore. Start with summersaults and getting into the plow pose.

Then learn to fall comfortably out of the head stand. While learning headstand it is inevitable to fall so you need to be able to do that safely. It is not that hard. When loosing balance in the head stand, curve your back, pull in your chin towards your chest and roll down on your back. Then there will be no hard impact. It is actually similar to a summersault.